crazy names – Libero Quotidiano

crazy names – Libero Quotidiano
crazy names – Libero Quotidiano

An investigation is underway in Rome which would concern a doctor of the ASL Roma 1, which also includes the historic center of the capital. After a patient was reported, a search would be triggered, which would have confirmed a collateral and not exactly legal activity. Apparently the doctor allegedly provided fake Green Passes to about 100 people, with fictitious reasons. And in the list, according to the reconstructions of the agencies, there are people from Roma bene. The doctor certified that some patients were exempt from vaccination due to illness or disease. In other cases, however, he claimed that he had recovered from Covid despite the fact that the patient had never contracted the disease. All loopholes to avoid vaccination, that would have been discovered triggering an investigation and a search.

There would be characters from the entertainment, entrepreneurship, but also the world of sport and journalism. No name, but the certainty that the investigation will go on to listen to the people who would have used the “service” of fake Green Passes discovered in Rome. The study and home of the “VIP doctor” were searched at the disposal of the Roman magistrates. In the list of patients of the professional, under investigation for forgery, there would be a hundred people. According to the reconstructions, writes the Everyday occurrence, the professional would have exploited some small flaws in the so-called “ts system”, which stands for “health card system”. Dagospia, in relaunching the news, uses a frank and very effective image: “The bomb investigation that can spit half capital”.

Sources of ASL Roma 1 explain that the “flaw” had already been pointed out to the competent authorities. The investigation, according to what is learned, would have been born from an anonymous report. General practitioners are authorized to enter in a database attestations relating to their patients about the presence of impeding diseases that prevent the administration of the vaccine, the successful recovery from the Covid-19 infection or even the vaccination in a foreign country. (such as the United States, Israel or the United Arab Emirates).

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crazy names Libero Quotidiano

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