Eitan Biran, agreement between families: for now she stays in Israel – Chronicle

Eitan Biran, agreement between families: for now she stays in Israel – Chronicle
Eitan Biran, agreement between families: for now she stays in Israel – Chronicle

Tel Aviv, 23 September 2021 – Eitan remains in Israel at least until October 8, resumption of the custody trial. Today was there first hearing in Tel Aviv for the case of the only 5-year-old boy who survived the tragedy of Mottarone, stolen from his maternal aunt in Italy and secretly taken to Israel by his paternal grandfather. In the courtroom behind closed doors, before the judge Iris Ilotovich Segal, they were present alone Shmuel Peleg, in grandfather accused of kidnapping (for this reason is under investigation in Pavia for aggravated kidnapping), and the maternal aunt Aja Biran (Eitan’s legal guardian), who filed the lawsuit. The hearing was adjourned shortly after the start to October 8, and it was found an understanding between the families Biran and Peleg to manage little Eitan, at least until that day, maternal family lawyers announced at the end. The agreement provides that Eitan, alternating every three days, stay with the maternal family and then with Aja Aja, until the resumption of the trial.

Both families have asked for a press blackout to protect the child, who will therefore remain in Israel until the hearings resume. ‘For now, we are satisfied’, commented the spokesman for Peleg family, Gadi Solomon. “The court believes this is the best for Eitan now,” he added. “That of the Court is a balanced decision”, the words of Shmuel Peleg to his lawyers.

They remain silent instead Eitan’s paternal uncles: Aya, now in Israel, and Or, her husband, who was waiting for news from Pavia. A silence imposed to protect the minor, but with the hope that the child will return to Italy on the basis of the The Hague Convention on international child abduction, a decision that will have to be taken in subsequent hearings scheduled for October.

“I’m worried about him, I want to bring him home as soon as possible “Aja said excitedly as she entered the court this morning. The judge then invited the relatives to leave the courtroom, allowing only the presence of her paternal grandfather and maternal aunt.

Eitan, the uncle in Israel: “They are brainwashing him”

Eitan’s maternal grandmother remained outside the classroom, Etty Peleg Cohen, and daughter Gali Peleg, who in recent weeks had declared of wanting to adopt the little one. Aja, on the other hand, was accompanied by her brother and his lawyers.

Eitan, a family at war: the grandfather, the aunt and the other protagonists

According to Abraham Dviri, an Israeli lawyer specializing in family law interviewed by the Agi agency: “Eitan will be sent back to Italy. There, a judge will have to decide, based on the child’s interest, with whom he will live. “The lawyer explains:” The Hague Convention states that taking a child away from where he lives is kidnapping and the child must return there. It does not allow justice to be done on one’s own and requires the child to return to where he lives and there a judge is called to decide “.

It will not be another anyway Yossele Schumacher, disputed between the ultra-Orthodox maternal grandparents and the secular Jewish parents who fled to a kibbutz. The case in the 1960s caused tensions in Israel between the ultra-Orthodox and secular communities: the child was kidnapped and hidden for years between the various ultra-Orthodox communities in the country and abroad, and Prime Minister David Ben Gurion had to intervene also the Mossad, the Israeli secret service, to find him.

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