Tax: from installments to repayments, all in videocall – Economy

Tax: from installments to repayments, all in videocall – Economy
Tax: from installments to repayments, all in videocall – Economy

From requests for reimbursement and installments to checks on the debt situation. There are many operations that can be performed directly from home with the direct assistance of the operators of the Revenue-Collection Agency, connected by video call. This is practically all those available over the physical counter.
The service starts on Monday, but digital appointments can be booked as of today. Here is the list:

– consultancy – verification of the debt situation – assistance for requests for installments – assistance for requests for suspension of collection – verification of any procedures in progress (administrative stops, mortgages, foreclosures) – request for compensation – request for reimbursement – assistance on payments .

The “Find the counter and book” section on the site allows you to choose between two appointment methods: face-to-face or remote. To book an appointment online, “remotely”, that’s enough access the reserved area of ​​the site using the SPID or CIE credentials and enter the “Appointments and contacts” page. It is possible to book up to the next four working days, indicating the date and time among those available. Reservations are open from today, 23 September, and appointments can be made for the first useful date of 27 September. Following the booking, the system generates a summary e-mail with all useful information, including instructions for starting the video call. The taxpayer will also receive a subsequent e-mail reminder of the appointment. On the day and time chosen, you will need to access the Reserved Area of ​​the site, in the “Consult your appointment agenda” section, and start the link. On the same page it is also possible to cancel the appointment. A maximum connection delay of 10 minutes is allowed with respect to the scheduled time, after which the appointment will no longer be available. You can connect from a computer, smartphone or tablet that has a connection that properly supports data transmission. To facilitate interaction, editable PDF forms have been prepared that can be used during the appointment or filled in by the taxpayer in advance.
The Agency also reminds that as an alternative to the “online” counter, the main services that the taxpayer can access in complete autonomy are available on the site, such as the request for installments up to 100 thousand euros, the presentation of an application for legal suspension of collection, verification of one’s debt situation and payment of folders and notices, as well as all contact methods made available by the Agency in order to be able to send requests or request information or specialist assistance.

In the first experimental phase, the service is available in the provinces of Rome, Lecce, Brescia and Bari. Milan, Modena and Bologna will follow by the first half of October.


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