Rome, ok 2020 Consolidated Budget Commission Giunta Raggi

Thursday 23 September 2021 – 15:00

Rome, ok 2020 Consolidated Budget Commission Giunta Raggi

If not approved by September 30th, it entails penalties

Rome, 23 Sept. (askanews) – The Capitoline Budget Commission, 10 days before the municipal elections, expressed a favorable opinion on the resolution of the outgoing council led by Virginia Raggi containing the 2020 consolidated financial statements. especially with regard to the reconciliations of the items between the investee companies of the Capitoline group. “The consolidation incorporates the improvements introduced by the interventions on the various companies made over time. This is thanks to the companies that close their balance sheets and profit – he explained -, at least in the photograph taken at the end of 2020 “. The consolidated financial statements have a legal deadline of 30 September and in the event of non-approval, penalties are envisaged for administrations that do not approve it, such as the blocking of hiring. The commission expressed a favorable opinion with 4 votes in favor and 3 non-participants: Marco Terranova and Angelo Sturni of the group “Il piano di Roma” and Valeria Baglio of the Pd.


Rome Consolidated Budget Commission Giunta Raggi

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