the app does not work, blackout for Samp-Napoli and Lazio-Torino

the app does not work, blackout for Samp-Napoli and Lazio-Torino
the app does not work, blackout for Samp-Napoli and Lazio-Torino

Problems for DAZN subscribers struggling with the vision of Serie A matches Sampdoria-Napoli and Lazio-Torino. Many users have reported on social networks the inability to attend the games on the streaming platform. By connecting to it, a message appeared announcing the presence of anomalies. The situation was unblocked after more than half an hour.

There seems to be no peace for DAZN. Still problems for the streaming platform in the broadcasting of Serie A matches. Some users who have connected to watch Sampdoria-Naples and Lazio-Turin, they found a nasty surprise. In fact, on the DAZN homepage there is an inscription that signaled the presence of an anomaly confirmed by DAZN, committed to resolving it as soon as possible. Enraged subscribers on social media for a situation that lasted for just over half an hour.

Nothing to do for many DAZN season ticket holders in the initial stages of the matches scheduled today in Serie A for the midweek round. When enthusiasts tried to access the platform, especially from Smart TV on the homepage of the same as well as appearing the now infamous wheel (to represent the empty loading), here is a message: “Sorry, this page cannot be loaded at the moment. We are working to fix the problem as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience. You can find more information in the Help section of DAZN “.

The fans disappointed by the inability to attend Sampdoria-Naples and Lazio-Turin, tried to follow the instructions on how to solve the problems using the Guide but with no luck judging by the comments. So here are the vitriolic posts on social media, with DAZN still in the crosshairs for a script that unfortunately has been repeated. A situation that will again fuel the debate on the service offered by the broadcaster, with the problem being solved after about half an hour of competition. In recent days we have told you how the DAZN affair has even reached Parliament, with the possibility of a possible sub-license to another television operator, such as Sky. And news in this regard in the near future cannot be ruled out.


app work blackout SampNapoli LazioTorino

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