in the historic center here is the “Café for everyone”

in the historic center here is the “Café for everyone”
in the historic center here is the “Café for everyone”

Not just a meeting place. But also a place to recreate those relationships that were so lacking during the pandemic, in particular to all categories that have lived in total isolation, such as the elderly. On Monday, at the headquarters of the “Progetto Ruffilli” association, the “Café for All” was inaugurated, which will be held every Monday from 3.30 to 5.30 pm: access is totally free and open to all, it only requires the possession of the green pass to access the dedicated premises of the Parish, in safety and respecting the protocols.

Institutions were present at the inauguration, represented by the councilor for Welfare of the Municipality of Forlì Rosaria Tassinari, by the vicar general Don Enrico Casadei Garofani, by the vice president of the culture commission of the Cassa dei Risparmi Foundation of Forlì Gabriella Tronconi, by the coordinator of Attivinrete Melissa Ficiara and the representatives of the Welcome association and of the other parish groups of the parish of Sant’Antonio Abate in Ravaldino. During the inauguration, the president of the “Progetto Ruffilli” association, Elena Contri, presented the program for Monday in September.

Among the supporters of the project, special mention goes to Don Sergio Sala, who was the first to believe in and support the initiative with a view to building a transversal relationship between the various generations, through the contribution of his own talents in favor of the community. The initiative aims to become a point of reference and a fixed appointment for all those subjects who need to relate and who most need to meet each other, all in a welcoming environment.

Resilience and territorial experience

“A working table, Attivinrete, has been set up for several years in Forlì, which is attended by representatives of various non-profit territorial realities, voluntary associations, public service, parishes and professionals – it is highlighted -. as objectives the contrast to the isolation and loneliness of people, to favor active aging and intergenerational encounters through agreed actions, customized and adapted to the contexts of the different neighborhoods in which the realities operate, financed by the calls of the Cassa dei Risparmi di Forlì Caritas Diocesana, coop. Paolo Babini, coop. Hospitality, Education and Person Foundation, Papa Giovanni XXIII Association, Il Palazzone Association, Prati Institute, Progetto Ruffilli Association, Paolo Babini Association, Elderly Services of the Municipality, Unity currently sit at the table. Social Innovation of the Municipality, San Paolo Parish and Cassa dei Risparmi Foundation of Forlì “.

“Sharing resources often means responding to even unexpressed needs with a preventive action that favors personal well-being – it is noted – All services are low-threshold and free access. In the storm of the health emergency, the organizations mentioned above have shown their resilience to maintain the relational thread and save the elderly who are left alone from despair, People, although active and autonomous, have experienced isolation and forced inactivity, Now there is a need for human warmth. It is necessary to restructure actions of proximity, to generate new and creative actions to respond to needs in contrasting loneliness and isolation. The courage and enthusiasm transmitted in the new opening of the Caffè per Tutti in Centro gives the energy to create new proposals and projects together “.

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