New bonus without ISEE coming, 400 euros for couples!

New bonus without ISEE coming, 400 euros for couples!
New bonus without ISEE coming, 400 euros for couples!

Soon the Italians will be able to count on a new bonus without ISEE, which it may grant 200 euros per individual citizen, regardless of his income: we are talking about the 2021 spa bonus.

The official nature of the facility was recently communicated to us by the Ministry of Economic Development, which gave notice of the spa bonus, which will allow beneficiaries to obtain a voucher from 200 euros discount, to be spent at the spas in agreement.

As we shall see, however, it will be possible to advance the maximum amount, even requesting a discount of 400 euros if you want to take advantage of the spa services as a couple.

The YouTube channel Gratta La Notizia also talked about the bonus terme, through a recent video which is recommended to be viewed by our readers eager to obtain information on the subsidy:

This new bonus without ISEE will be financed thanks to a fund worth 53 million euros, made available by the Government to allow the resumption of spa services, which have experienced significant losses due to the health crisis due to Covid-19.

Here is what we know about this bonus without ISEE, the spa bonus, which will allow those interested to have access to the spas financed.

New bonus without ISEE: this is the bonus terme 2021

Let’s start by saying, right away, that the spa bonus had already been foreseen last year, thanks to Law 104 of 2020, but had not yet obtained approval.

This bonus without ISEE will allow all Italian citizens, without income limits, to cover any expenses related to spa services, coverage which may be total (i.e. will be able to finance the entire cost of the service, 100%), provided that the maximum amount provided for by the spa bonus, which is equal to 200 euros per person, is not exceeded.

The 200 euros per citizen, it must be said, cannot be used in all Italian spas: the bonus will be used only at the affiliated spas.

This means that not all spa services will participate in the initiative that will allow you to spend the spa bonus, but it will be necessary to select the establishments in agreement.

What will happen if the service chosen by the user exceeds 200 euros?

In this case, the spa bonus can still be used, but it will cover only 200 euros of expenditure: the rest of the amount will be entirely borne by the beneficiary.

Bonus without ISEE: how to request the 200 euro subsidy

Let’s now analyze the procedures for submitting the application for the spa bonus.

This is a very special bonus without ISEE, as the sending of a conventional online application is not envisaged, as is the case with the other currently active bonuses.

Even if the applications for obtaining the spa bonus without ISEE have not yet been opened, it is almost certain that a Click Day will be organized for the assignment of the bonus itself: this is what we learn thanks to a news reported by SkyTG24.

During the Click Day, it will be possible to submit your application, and only the fastest will be able to get the spa bonus. Among other things, since it is a benefit valid per person, in the event that you wish, for example, to use the spa services as a couple, you will have to participate individually in the assignment.

That is, each interested party will have to compete to obtain their own bonus without ISEE.

So, couples in which both members will be able to win their spa bonus, will be able to get up to 400 euros total discount for the use of spa services.

At the moment, however, the date of the fateful Click Day has not yet been announced, even if the second half of October is mentioned more and more often.

The MiSE and the Invitalia National Agency for the Attraction of Investments and Business Development, which manage the spa bonus, will be responsible for informing interested users in time, through any official communications: it is therefore advisable to keep eye the official sites of both entities.

Bonus without ISEE: the Click Day of the spa bonus, here’s what we know

Now let’s try to understand how a Click Day works, to facilitate readers interested in this bonus without ISEE: in fact, if you want to take advantage of the spa bonus as a couple, obtaining a total of 400 euros to spend at the spa, both members of the couple must be among the fastest Italians.

The Click Day is a method of awarding bonuses that is perhaps not widely used to grant state subsidies, but it is widely used, for example, by INAIL to allow funds and benefits to companies.

A Click Day, then, was also the basis for the assignment of the mobility bonus last year.

For those who want to understand exactly how a Click Day works, we can say that the spa bonus vouchers will be guaranteed to those who will be able to fill out their personal data within the portal faster.

Bonus without ISEE: what are the eligible expenses

In this paragraph, we will analyze which are the expenses for which the spa bonus will guarantee coverage and which, on the other hand, do not fall within the eligible expenses.

We have already said, and we reiterate it, that this bonus without ISEE it can also cover 100% of the expected price to cover the costs of spa services, with a maximum ceiling of 200 euros, which can be raised to 400 euros for couples to whom both members will win the spa voucher.

If the figure provided by the establishment should be higher, any excess expenses must be covered by the beneficiaries themselves.

The spa bonus is granted in a “single solution”: if the requested services do not reach 200 euros, any residual amount of the voucher will be lost.

Now let’s move on to ineligible expenses.

These include i spa services that citizens have access to in agreement with the National Health Service: in this case, it will not be possible to take advantage of the spa bonus.

Ineligible expenses, then, are included those not strictly related to spa services, even if carried out within the affiliated establishments: we refer, for example, to restaurant and hotel services, which are not subject to this bonus without ISEE.

Since these are ancillary services, these will be fully paid by the citizens.

Spa bonus without ISEE: official terms and deadlines

Due to the fact that, at the moment, there is still no fixed date for the long-awaited Click Day, we cannot make assumptions about an official expiration date that is valid for all vouchers obtained.

However, the law has set a term of validity of the voucher sixty days from the date of issue of the same.

However, we do not yet know if these sixty days will be calculated starting from the date of the Click Day or, as seems more likely, if they will start from the date on which the beneficiaries will receive the voucher.

Let’s now pass to a due clarification: most likely the voucher relating to this bonus without ISEE will be nominal; this means that the holder will be the only possible user of the spa bonus, which cannot be sold or exchanged for money.

Those who will not be able to use it within sixty days of receipt, therefore, will lose the 200 euros due and the possibility of obtaining a discount on spa services.

Spa bonus without ISEE: what are the affiliated facilities? Where to find the official list?

However, one thing is certain: the spa bonus will be spendable only on condition that you use strictly spa services at the affiliated facilities who will accept this bonus without ISEE.

That is why, in this paragraph, we will try to understand where it will be possible to book in order to spend your spa bonus voucher, once it has been obtained.

At the moment, we are still waiting for the official list drawn up by the Ministry, which will provide the list of affiliated spa facilities.

In fact, the Ministry of Economic Development, as well as the Invitalia body, will provide all communications regarding this bonus without ISEE, including the list of affiliated establishments.

Another official site to keep under control is FederTerme, that is the official portal of the Italian Spa Federation.

Bookings for spa services using the spa bonus will in any case only be available once the lists of officially participating facilities have been published, as well as after the spa bonus vouchers have been issued. to the beneficiaries who will be able to win the benefit during the Click Day.

Spa bonus without ISEE: do I have to have the green pass to access the establishments?

Finally, let’s take care of answering a legitimate question that certainly many readers interested in the spa bonus are asking themselves: to be able to take advantage of this bonus without ISEE and therefore access one of the affiliated spas, will you need green certification?

FederTerme itself, through its official FAQ, took care to answer this question, referring to the current legislation relating to the obligation of green pass.

On the FederTerme FAQ we read that, in order to use the spa bonus and access the spa services chosen by the assignees, you will need to show your green pass before entering the facility; otherwise, if the beneficiary does not have the green certification, he would not have access to the thermal structure.

The only subjects exempted from presenting the green pass at the entrance to the establishment are those who need to benefit from therapeutic and rehabilitative services at the establishment itself.

Unfortunately, this does not concern the spa bonus, as we have already ascertained that this bonus without ISEE cannot be used to pay for any health services.

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