decisive hours for research. The yellow of the cell phone and the shock hypothesis

decisive hours for research. The yellow of the cell phone and the shock hypothesis
decisive hours for research. The yellow of the cell phone and the shock hypothesis

These are decisive hours for the investigation into the disappearance of Giacomo Sartori, the 29 year old from the province of Belluno which is disappeared in Milan on the evening of last September 18th and whose car was found abandoned in an open space in Casorate Primo (Pavia). The Carabinieri, who are investigating the case, carried out the findings on the car yesterday and, according to rumors, nothing relevant to the solution of what seems to become a yellow with the passing of the hours has emerged.

Today could prove decisive, given that the field research, conducted by volunteers and soldiers, began yesterday afternoon and this morning we are anxious to know if, in a radius around the area where the car was found, and then in the nearby Ticino, the corpse or some object of the man may emerge that can explain his mysterious removal, which took place after an evening spent out in Milan, during which a backpack with his work PC was stolen . Particular, this, which has complicated the hypotheses on his disappearance.

The mysteries of the disappearance

The young man disappeared into thin air on Friday 17 September: a detective story that could hide a tragic end. Giacomo worked at the Assago software center and – according to what the Corriere della Sera – that Friday evening, without money and without documents, he would have wandered through the countryside of Pavia after someone had stolen his backpack with keys, wallet and two laptops in the ‘Vineria 2’ of Porta Venezia in Milan.

The company car, a Volkswagen Polo, was found in front of the Caiella farmhouse in Casorate Primo, in an area that the boy did not know: the car was reported by a farmer on Wednesday afternoon, five days after his disappearance. After the theft of the backpack, according to friends – still writes the Courier service – Giacomo was “shaken”: it was the second similar episode in a few months. After leaving the club he goes away and from that moment his traces are lost.

The family complaint comes on Monday morning, when colleagues do not see him at work: his cell phone was off and his car was also gone. The credit card, which was in the backpack, had not been blocked – strange behavior, according to the family. After the opening of the file by the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office, the carabinieri acquire the records and the cameras in the area of ​​the venue, and catch a glimpse of Giacomo walking away around 11.30 pm: after the social sharing of the photo, within a few hours the car is identified and no obvious traces of other people are found inside. But there is an oddity: a receipt, inside the Polo, for non-payment of the toll at the Binasco tollbooth on the A7. Why, knowing he had no money, would Sartori take the motorway instead of the state road?

Another oddity concerns his cell phone: from the analysis of the telephone cells, it appears that the cell phone has hooked the cell of Motta Visconti, three km from Casorate, at 7 in the morning. So Giacomo was still alive at that time: in that area, moreover, there is a canal, the Naviglio Bereguardo, around which the searches have now concentrated, but without success. In this period the water does not exceed 40 centimeters and there is no current, so it is unlikely that it could have fallen into the canal. The final hypothesis, the most tragic one, concludes the Corriere della Sera, is that he may have committed suicide: too much stress for yet another theft suffered. According to investigators, the hypothesis of a murder is also difficult. What is certain is that the 29-year-old cannot be found, and the mystery continues to be very difficult to solve.

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