Mps-Unicredit merger, what risks? Employees towards the strike

Mps-Unicredit merger, what risks? Employees towards the strike
Mps-Unicredit merger, what risks? Employees towards the strike

LECCE – Salento risks losing another 850 workers: these are the operators of Monte dei Paschi di Siena, the oldest banking brand in the world, which continues negotiations for the merger with Unicredit.

Unicredit, led by Andrea Orcel, is defining the terms of the operation together with the top management of MPS and the Ministry of Economy and Finance (owner of 64 percent of the capital of Mps): but what will be the price that employees will pay? And how many possible redundancies?

In fact, the merger risks cutting over 5,000 jobs in Italy and in Salento. The problem directly affects 850 people: about 400 employees in the branches and 450 in the business center, who would be those exposed to the greatest risk.

The trade unions, both nationally and locally, have risen to the barricades: not only are they claiming transparency in the procedures, they are also getting in the way of the hypothesis of outsourcing some of the staff. And they expect all workers to enjoy the same treatment.

Going into detail, the unions let it be known that the merger, imposed by the European Commission on the Ministry of Economy, also seems to involve Mediocredito centrale (owned by Invitalia), which would acquire almost all the southern branches of Mps.

The employees of the general management and management centers, therefore, could stay out of the game, finding no place in Unicredit or Mediocredito.

A sword of Damocles hangs over the heads of Salento employees and for these reasons Fabi, First-Cisl, Fisac-Cgil, Uilca-Uil and Unisin have proclaimed a strike day, scheduled for tomorrow, September 24th.

Hard the lunge of Maurizio Miggiano by Fisac ​​CGIL Lecce: “Workers have the right to know what awaits them: the impact of the feared stew could be devastating in terms of employment”.

“Hundreds of people risk their jobs between the consortium, media-center and Widiba at the Lecce headquarters – he continues -: we would not want the solution to which the top management of the banks and the Mef are working is mere outsourcing. It would be a joke, given Fruendo’s precedent, an operation rejected by the courts and which has already created unequal treatment among workers ”.

On the negotiating table also the question of the exodus has landed, that is of those employees who will be accompanied to retirement and who fear being “discriminated”.

In fact, Unicredit guarantees access to the Solidarity Fund at more advantageous conditions than Mediocredito or any other public and private entities involved in the aggregation.

Even the national secretary of the union, Paola Boccardo, has taken a critical position: “The consequent diaspora of workers would cause unequal treatment between employees, for example between those who will join Unicredit, those in Mediocredito and those in companies that may not even apply the sector contract. Not to mention unavoidable doubts of the staff about future tasks and place of work. The merger operation must therefore remain single, with the aim of safeguarding workers from a contractual, economic and regulatory point of view “.

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