F1 GP Russia, Lewis Hamilton: ‘Monza accident? Never said I was going to die ‘

F1 GP Russia, Lewis Hamilton: ‘Monza accident? Never said I was going to die ‘
F1 GP Russia, Lewis Hamilton: ‘Monza accident? Never said I was going to die ‘

The seven-time world champion replies to the Red Bull manager: “I took a beating and went to see me. The battle with Verstappen? I feel a tenth of the pressure I had at the beginning of my career “

The fight for the F1 World Championship is tough but Lewis Hamilton avoids melodramatic tones in the official conference of the Russian GP. “The Monza accident? I’m fine, I’m ready for a weekend that will be tough but I hope to face it well. The controversy of Helmut Marko? Well … “. But the British also said much more.

hamilton and the controversy with marko

“I have no consequences after Monza, I got checked, I worked a little in the gym and I’m ready”, underlined the seven-time world champion. In recent days, Helmut Marko, a reference figure of Red Bull, had argued against Hamilton: “He complained about the pains in his neck after the accident with Verstappen and then took hours to fly to New York”, the words of the manager and former Austrian driver. Lewis replied: “Honestly I don’t care what the others say, I was in a bit of pain after the race and I thought it appropriate to have a visit, stop. I never said I felt like I was dying … ”.

hamilton and the challenge with verstappen

In front of another battle with Max Verstappen, who now leads the standings with a 5-point advantage over the British: “I don’t think about Max, I’m focused on improving the car to have a good weekend in Russia, I believe we will be fair and we will learn from the past. . What if I have a psychological advantage in this duel? I don’t think fighting one-on-one on the track is a psychological question but of experience. If you are overtaken you can find a way to make up for it and so on, but psychology has nothing to do with it ”. For the first time, they ask him, against Hamilton there seems to be an opponent unwilling to give up, strong even in his head. Lewis sees it this way: “I don’t think there has ever been an F1 driver willing to give up, to give up. I’ve never known any. Nobody lets you pass on the track, everyone is fighting for the title. I believe that the only way to win, for me, is to work to be stronger and stronger. What if there is more pressure now than at the time of my first World Cup in 2008? Well, there is no comparison, now I feel a tenth of the pressure … ”.

the t-rex and fashion

Between speeches, Hamilton also talked about personal tastes. His presence at the Met Gala in New York made headlines, where he bought a table to which he invited some emerging black designers for over 250 thousand euros, and Lewis stressed: “It was a good moment, helping emerging talents is my goal. and my Mission 44 foundation “. At the end a smile when a young fan asked him which pet he would have dreamed of having: “Maybe… a T-Rex, maybe someone would have kept away… My dog ​​Roscoe? He is always my boss! ”, Joked the British champion.

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