F1 GP Sochi, how many digs between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton: ‘I’m under pressure? Wrong ‘

F1 GP Sochi, how many digs between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton: ‘I’m under pressure? Wrong ‘
F1 GP Sochi, how many digs between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton: ‘I’m under pressure? Wrong ‘

The digs between the two continue on the eve of the Sochi F1 GP. And about the Monza accident, Max says: “After the bang he was so sick that he went to a gala …”

A battle is behind us, but another is upon us. The Verstappen – Hamilton duel will see a new chapter in Sochi, historically a Mercedes fiefdom. But the Dutchman is already loaded and indeed in the press conference he sends back to the sender all the attempts of the British to put pressure on him.

the duel with hamilton

“Did Lewis say I’m under pressure? Oh yes, he’s right, I’m so tense that I can hardly sleep at night, it’s really horrible to fight for the title or to win all the races “, Max jokes. He then gets serious:” Anyone who knows me knows, I I’m always relaxed, I’ve never been better. It’s a great feeling to have a machine that you can win with anytime anywhere. His comments show that he doesn’t know me but that’s okay, I don’t know him well either. We both have a lot of pressure but this certainly won’t change the way I ride, my approach will always be the same ”. And so, between more or less veiled arrows, Verstappen returned to the accident in Italy and his lack of help to the Mercedes driver. “When I got out of my car, he was also trying to get out. I saw it and it had no problems. On the contrary, he was so well that a few hours later he got on a plane and went to a gala, so good for him ”.

GP Sochi

In Russia Max will have to serve a penalty for what happened in Monza but he doesn’t make a big deal out of it. “Yes, I was surprised by the sanction, but in the end they decided so and I have to accept it, it’s not the end of the world. I think differently, I don’t necessarily have to agree but just accept the decision and leave it behind ”. For the Russian stage Verstappen says he is confident. “We will have a nice weekend. We know that they are strong here but last year we did not go badly and this time we can do even better. Honestly, it doesn’t matter where we are, this year we always manage to be competitive. And then it looks like it’s going to rain, so we’ll see, it’s going to be a good race. In the past I had to hope for bad weather to have a chance but now not anymore ”.


In such a hard-fought championship, strategies and knowing how to make the right decisions with the right timing will also count. Starting with the change of the power unit on his Red Bull. “Take advantage of the rain to change it? It may be, it is something to take into consideration, let’s see how we go here first. I still don’t know what we will do, it will be a group decision, although I clearly have my opinion ”. Finally, a thought to the last winner, Ricciardo. “I have a great relationship with Daniel, I’m super happy with his victory. He deserved it ”.

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