DAYTIME WARM is back, OVER 32-33 ° C peaks. Here is WHERE and WHEN «3B Meteo

DAYTIME WARM is back, OVER 32-33 ° C peaks. Here is WHERE and WHEN «3B Meteo
DAYTIME WARM is back, OVER 32-33 ° C peaks. Here is WHERE and WHEN «3B Meteo

September 23, 2021
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Significant increase in temperatures in the coming days

TEMPERATURES BEYOND THE AVERAGE: to tell the truth, the heat has never left a good half of the Peninsula. Temperatures in the South recorded rather contained drops with values ​​that remained largely summer in many areas. Only the North has experienced some autumn weather, but it is already warming up and will do so even more in the coming days, for the arrival of the African anticyclone that will bring us back above average. The highlight should be in between Friday e Saturday, then the arrival of a storm front it will bring down temperatures in the North and on part of the Center on Sunday. Let’s see in detail:

TEMPERATURE FRIDAY: thermal rise compared to Thursday, the Adriatic and Emilia Romagna rise above average together with Sardinia, values ​​still quite normal or slightly above average elsewhere. Peaks of 31/32 ° C on Sardinia.

Maximum temperatures Friday

TEMPERATURE SATURDAY: temperatures increasing further, above average almost all of Italy with the exception of a part of the North, possible a slight below average in Liguria. Peaks of 34/35 ° C in Sardinia, 32 ° C in Sicily in the inland areas of the Catanese, in short, summer heat.

Maximum temperatures Saturday

TEMPERATURE SUNDAY: Thermal drop in the Northwest and the upper Tyrrhenian due to the entry of a storm front from France, elsewhere still hot, even very hot on the islands and the South with peaks of 34 ° C on Tavoliere and Campidano, slightly less on the internal Catania area, peaks of 28/30 ° C in the Center.

Estimated maximum temperatures on Sunday

NEW WEEK TEMPERATURES: the entry of cooler currents from the northern quadrants should determine a gradual decrease in temperatures in the South as well, with values ​​returning within the averages of the period almost everywhere.

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