where the toxic cloud hits – Libero Quotidiano

where the toxic cloud hits – Libero Quotidiano
where the toxic cloud hits – Libero Quotidiano

The sudden eruzione del vulcano Cumbre Vieja is wreaking havoc in the towns of La Palma, one of the islands that make up the Spanish Canary archipelago. However, the consequences could also fall on Italy. In particular on Sardinia, Sicily and the whole southern coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea. These are the areas within range of the cloud of sulfur dioxide released. Statistical models developed through satellite images and data confirm the fearsome forecasts.

A news that puts the country in serious alert given that in humans and animals, sulfur dioxide is extremely irritating for both eyes and mucous membranes. But above all for the respiratory tract. In fact, even minimal exposure can lead to acute pharyngitis, loss of smell, loss of taste and pulmonary edema. The danger of this gas depends on its concentration but also on the altitude it reaches following volcanic eruptions. If sulfur dioxide stops at the troposphere, it can provoke more damage to living things.

Expectations indicate that sulfur dioxide will be present in the atmosphere Friday 24 September. Part of Spain, southern France, Corsica and the entire Mediterranean coast of Africa are also involved, as well as in the interior of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya. In addition to the air changes, acid rain is expected in the next few hours.

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toxic cloud hits Libero Quotidiano

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