Gf Vip, first kisses in the pool between Manuel and Lulù

Gf Vip, first kisses in the pool between Manuel and Lulù
Gf Vip, first kisses in the pool between Manuel and Lulù

It matters little that only a few days have passed since the beginning of the reality show. In the house of the Big Brother Vip a couple seems to have already been born. The feeling between Manuel Bortuzzo and Lucrezia Selassie started right from the introductions, but in the last hours between the two there was a real physical approach between kisses and caresses.

Manuel Bortuzzo is one of the undisputed protagonists of the new edition of the Canale 5 reality show. The swimmer, who rose to the headlines for being paralyzed following an attack in the center of Rome in 2019, is one of the most loved and appreciated faces of Big Brother Vip. Her strength, her positivity and her gentle manner are conquering audiences day after day. His sensitivity also struck one of the Ethiopian princesses, Lucrezia Selassie, who immediately formed a strong bond with the former swimmer.

In the Cinecittà loft Manuel and Lulù are spending a lot of time together and in the last few days the gestures of understanding and affection between them have multiplied. Caresses, hugs and confidences captured by the cameras which, in the last hours, resulted in the first timid kisses. Thanks to a swim in the pool – where Lucrezia and Bortuzzo are left alone – the couple let themselves go. In the images disseminated on social networks, the two boys show themselves to be close-knit and accomplices as they play and joke in the water, eventually yielding to romantic and shy hugs kisses.

Manuel’s disability did not affect his fellow adventurers at Gf Vip and does not seem to have influenced Lucrezia who, in the last live broadcast of the program, admitted to feeling a particular sympathy for the former swimmer: “He’s an important person, even though we’ve known each other for a week“. L’understanding it is mutual, so much so that Bortuzzo confessed to Signorini that he appreciates the physicality taken between them: “We are both sensitive and we want to feel affection and we give it to each other“. The couple is liked by the tenants of the House and has already found a large group of supporters on the web, where the hashtags dedicated to them are already going crazy. The out of tune note out of the chorus, however, is not lacking. For some, Lulu’s attention for Manuel would be only. a strategy to extend the stay in the reality show.


Vip kisses pool Manuel Lulù

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