Ita, the salaries of pilots and hostesses have been halved

Ita, the salaries of pilots and hostesses have been halved
Ita, the salaries of pilots and hostesses have been halved

Unions on a war footing not only for chaos on the Alitalia-Ita dispute, and the risk of layoffs in the sector, but also due to the salary cuts that Ita will implement, the new state-owned Italian flag carrier that from the next October 15 will replace Alitalia.

Union sources let it be known that there will be a net cut in the paycheck for captains, pilots, hostesses and stewards of Ita, not only with respect to Alitalia, but also with respect to the major European major companies such as Air France and Lufthansa and low cost airlines such as EasyJet and Ryanair.

Ita salaries halved, up to -55% compared to Alitalia

According to the calculations made on the basis of the provisions of the 94 pages of the “Company regulations applicable to Ita Air Transport personnel‘, the reduction of the salaries of the crew can exceed, in some cases, 50%.

Here are some examples reported by union sources. A commander Ita with an average activity of 60 flight hours per month, you will receive a gross salary of 6,217 euros gross while an Alitalia commander earns 12,534 euros gross: the difference is -50%.

An Ita pilot, always with an average activity of 60 hours, will have a paycheck 55% lighter compared to € 8,027 for an Alitalia pilot with the same flight activity.

As for the flight attendants, the comparison is between the € 1680 gross (always with an average activity of 60 flight hours) of the salary in Italy and the 2,582 euros of Alitalia.

Ita salaries halved, comparison with other companies

From the comparison between the old and the new company, we move on to that between the salaries of Ita and international competition. A Easyjet commander, again for an average activity of 60 hours of flight, earns 12,000 euros gross and, therefore, compared to the 6,217 of an Ita commander, the reduction is 48%.

The gap with respect to a commander of Poste, with a gross salary of 9,900 euros per year, is 37%; to a Ryanair commander, 11,500 euros gross, is 45%.

Gap that widens in comparison with the big Europeans: the 6,217 euros gross are compared, in fact, with the 15,000 euros gross of a commander of Air France, -58%, and the 13,500 gross of a Lufthansa commander, -54%.

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