Milan, the “Wild Patience” in Arianna Sanesi’s photos

Milan, the “Wild Patience” in Arianna Sanesi’s photos
Milan, the “Wild Patience” in Arianna Sanesi’s photos
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Milan, 23 Sept. (askanews) – Red Lab Gallery in via Solari 46 in Milan opens the new exhibition season with the exhibition by Arianna Sanesi entitled “A wild patience”, curated by Giovanna Gammarota: twenty-one photographic works that ask those who look at them to linger for a long time to observe them with all the necessary calm and patience, an action that almost makes contemporary man uncomfortable, increasingly devoured by the cult of speed that has intoxicated his mind and trapped between fears and stereotypes that have removed him from any possibility of rediscovery inner.

Arianna Sanesi, who with Red Lab Gallery will also be present at MIA (7-10 October) together with the Greek author Yorgos Yatromanolakis, through her work suggests us to find in ourselves the ability to look at our unconscious, at our instinctive part more archaic, to let the soul return to prevail.

The title of the exhibition, “A wild patience”, is the beginning of the poem “Integrity” by Adrienne Rich, an extraordinary contemporary American poet and essayist. Giovanna Gammarota writes in her critical text: “The verse belongs to the poem Integrità, which Arianna Sanesi was inspired by for this collection of images and tackles the theme of returning whole, with difficulty, but also through something that pushes us to recompose ourselves [l’istinto selvaggio] after having scattered along the way “.

Arianna Sanesi invites each of us to dig into our own deep stories, to go further and make visible what is not or simply what is missing, thanks to that “wild patience” understood as the primordial, creative and authentic part that is it finds in all of us, a necessary condition to “rebuild” and gain access to one’s own integrity.

His photographic works recall the solemnity and sumptuousness of the nature that surrounds us and that is within us; images that to be welcomed and embraced require the absolute predisposition of our mind to put itself at the service of our soul and our emotions, feeling their fullness.


Milan Wild Patience Arianna Sanesis photos

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