Municipal, Cangini in Bologna meets the candidates of Forza Italia

Municipal, Cangini in Bologna meets the candidates of Forza Italia
Municipal, Cangini in Bologna meets the candidates of Forza Italia

Andrea Cangini, senator of Forza Italia, among the eligible candidates for mayor of the center-right, today in Bologna for a meeting with the candidates of Silvio Berlusconi’s party. His name had been prompted precisely by Forza Italia which even today claims it but strongly supports the candidate chosen by the coalition: Fabio Battistini.

For Cangini and his party, Matteo Lepore’s victory would mean an even further left turn. “That of Lepore is a candidacy cultivated in vitro by a person named Pierluigi Stefanini and is the president of Unipol – says Cangini – there is an entirely Bolognese paradox for which the world of finance, of power, of the financial establishment tends launches on the political scene, in the role of mayor already decided, the most leftist candidate that could exist. Because having weak mayors is functional to the establishment and the establishment is Unipol, which has always chosen weak mayors and then subjects them to the I vote by mere ratification, mayors whose only quality is weakness. So the situation of the city does not improve but tends to get worse “.

The municipal budget surplus? For Cangini it means bad administration: “There is a decrepit power system and you don’t even know how to spend the money”, continues the parliamentarian: “If you have no plans, use it to cut the income tax or the tax burden, but don’t keep them steady because they are wasted money “. Cangini also has some for Civic Coalition (“Stop in the 70s”) and for punkabbestia (“Only here they can still be seen”), and then to say that in the city “there is an extremist subculture, which Lepore supports, for which illegality is not illegality and order is not necessarily good “. “If Lepore wins, he hands over the city to the social centers,” he says.

And Battistini? Cangini responds by stating that he appreciates those who “have the courage to give up or question their professional, family and existential certainties in order to devote themselves to politics out of passion”. Finally, “there are the conditions for an excellent result”, says Cangini, who is not unbalanced on the result of Fi but remembers: “There was a period in which the League had 5% and a big weight in the coalition”


Municipal Cangini Bologna meets candidates Forza Italia

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