Vaccine and shouts, No Vax hoax: ‘Stop the video’

Vaccine and shouts, No Vax hoax: ‘Stop the video’
Vaccine and shouts, No Vax hoax: ‘Stop the video’

CATANIA – After the hoax spread by the No Vax on the lady who died “instantly because of the vaccine”, denied by the authorities in LiveSicilia, the granddaughter of the old woman launches an appeal.

“Please – asks the niece on facebook – whoever was to shoot the video, delete the post, have respect, please share”.

The facts

Twitter and whatsapp chats were invaded by the video with the screams of a lady inside the parking lot of the San Marco hospital. Right from the start, numerous No Vax they claimed it was a “lady who died instantly after the vaccine”.

The tests

We contacted the police, the leaders of the provincial health authority, the truths of the anticovid special office and the news spread by the No Vax was categorically denied.

Unfortunately, it was the death of an unvaccinated lady, killed by the coronavirus.

The appeal

“My grandmother did not die of the vaccine,” concludes the granddaughter in the post. But the footage is broadcast continuously, the cries of a desperate woman are clearly heard.

In the meantime, fantasy reconstructions continue to circulate, while someone feeds pseudo-conspiracies. It is the No Vax slaughter on the skin of a poor old woman.

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