«Absences from the Chamber for trusting the green pass? They make me proud »- Corriere.it

«Absences from the Chamber for trusting the green pass? They make me proud »- Corriere.it
«Absences from the Chamber for trusting the green pass? They make me proud »- Corriere.it
from Franco Stefanoni

The Northern League leader claims the freedom of choice of his parliamentarians. Meanwhile, after yesterday’s entry into the League of three members of Forza Italia, the deputy Scoma of Italia viva also arrives. And another force fighter, Luigi Vitali, in the balance

After the entries into the League announced yesterday by the now ex-forceists in the Lombardy Region Alessandro Fermi and Mauro Piazza together with party colleague Daniele Nava, Francesco Scoma, a deputy from Palermo leaving Italy alive and former FI, also passes with the Carroccio. In the meantime, the odds are rising that Senator Luigi Vitali, a historical exponent of Silvio Berlusconi’s party, will also join the League. There may be this possibility that I will go there because I feel a lot of discomfort in FI, said former Undersecretary of Justice Vitali, and then formally I have not been in the party for over two years. Matteo Salvini commented: No to the transfer campaign, I’m not going to look for anyone, but if yesterday 200 local administrators said we want to help the League in its growth path, that’s okay.

We free movement

From Caraffa di Catanzaro, where he was present for a political initiative in view of the vote for the Calabria Region, Salvini then replied to yesterday’s case where in the vote of confidence in the Chamber on the green pass many leaguers were absent unjustified. It makes me proud, he said, if the League has a debate I am happy, because the other parties, out of hypocrisy, are silent in order to keep their seats. Continuing: We are a free movement, of free men and women, and therefore we trust the government, we ask for some guarantees. I give two concrete examples, on which there is still no answer. Quick and free tampons for millions of workers, because I refuse to think that policemen, doctors, teachers, firefighters, carabinieri, nurses and volunteers are left at home without pay, unthinkable. Second: if the state imposes a vaccine on me, I am vaccinated, I have two doses and the green pass, and if it imposes medical treatment on me, it must also bear the possible consequences.

Outside the EPP

Salvini also rejected the hypothesis of an entry of the League into the EPP, commenting on the halt expressed by Antonio Tajani (FI). We have no intention of joining the EPP group, whatsoever, Salvini said. Who, however, also reiterated that he has good relations with the party led by Silvio Berlusconi. Relations with Forza Italia? Coupons.

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