Rome: Ama, in the night 8 bins on fire – Lazio

Rome: Ama, in the night 8 bins on fire – Lazio
Rome: Ama, in the night 8 bins on fire – Lazio

Zaghis, in 2020 spent 200 thousand euros to replace them

(ANSA) – ROME, SEPTEMBER 22 – This night 8 bins were set on fire in Rome. This time the South (Ostiense ring road) and East (San Giovanni – via Imera, via Albalonga, via Etruria and via Albenga) quadrants of the capital are affected by a phenomenon that becomes more and more worrying day by day. The Capitoline Municipal Authority for the Environment will file a complaint today, as always, against unknown persons and, where necessary, will start the complex process for the removal of the special burnt material, in order to restore the conditions of usability and decor as soon as possible. of the workstations concerned.

“We are facing a real criminal escalation – underlines the Chief Executive of AMA, Stefano Zaghis -. After the bins set on fire in Ostia, after a few days, the arsonists return to hit other city quadrants. We must make a common front. to defend public assets from these petty and vile attacks. These acts, in fact, in addition to environmental damage, involve huge costs that fall on the whole community. In 2020 alone, AMA spent a total of about 200 thousand euros to remove and replace the data containers to the flames: sum that could have instead invested in other services for the Romans “. (HANDLE).


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Rome Ama night bins fire Lazio

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