Foggia, the violence of the baby gangs against gays, foreigners and women: 3 arrests and other minors reported. “Without scruples and moral values”

Foggia, the violence of the baby gangs against gays, foreigners and women: 3 arrests and other minors reported. “Without scruples and moral values”
Foggia, the violence of the baby gangs against gays, foreigners and women: 3 arrests and other minors reported. “Without scruples and moral values”

Homosexuals, foreigners, women e disabled. the baby gang from Foggia they have clear objectives: they aim for the most fragile and are not afraid to attack with ferocity. Verbal and physical. From the blitz scored by Mobile team of the capital dauno, led by the deputy commissioner Mario Grassia, the disturbing level of violence released by the very young against their peers. A brutality capable of exploding regardless of places, gods witnesses, of the damage inflicted on the victims of those punitive expeditions. And in the municipality dissolved for mafia infiltration, where according to the Day crime represents a real one national emergency, the social question takes on even more disconcerting contours. The policemen have in fact reconstructed two episodes capable of delineating the real drama experienced by young people in the summer evenings in Market square, place of the movida in Foggia. Actions that tell how the very young, sometimes grown up in families contiguous to the Foggia company, tend to emulate the exploits of boss and wingmen. All all a few months after the suicide of Marco Ferrazzano, 27 year old disabled Foggia who took his own life by launching himself against a train on the outskirts of the city last January, after months of stalking.

The August 22 last, in this sense, was an emblematic day. Two assaults against two boys of foreign origin. Two “Niggas shit” that go with “Sluts”, according to the words used by some of the finite youths House arrest. The first victim is a 28 year old born in Paraguay. She was out and about with her friends when a group consisted of about 6 or 7 guys, too minors, targeted him, for no reason. “Shit nigga! What the fuck are you doing with those girls? “Shouted someone who then grabbed him by the neck and threw a fist to the jaw. The violence continued with kicks, regardless that the boy was helpless and on the ground. Despite the fear, his friends stepped in to defend him. “Look at these bitches (…) What are you doing with that nigga of shit?”. And they didn’t spare them either. One of the girls walked with the help of crutches because of an intervention, but even for her the gang had no mercy: a witness told the police that he saw one of the arrested wield a ready ready to hurl it on the girl. The situation would have dramatically worsened if some Merchants had not intervened to stop that unprecedented violence.

But that is not all. Shortly after, in the same area of ​​the city, another baby gang attacked another group of very young children. Also in this case the victims were women and a boy of foreign origin. The latter, in particular, had dared to challenge the White defending a young homosexual from insults. “Vattin da qua stu ricchion”, the attackers shouted and the 18-year-old Colombian intervened to give strength to the victim. At that point, however, the gang’s interest shifted to him and his girlfriend: “See the black, you go away you’re the first.” There couple tried to get away, but the group followed them and attacked: kicks and punches until the young man collapsed on the ground while the offenses followed: “I’m black as shit”. They split the nose and procured a head trauma: the 18-year-old was transferred to reserved prognosis to the hospital of San Giovanni Rotondo. Also in this case the violence also overwhelmed the girl: a boy with dyed blond hair, revealed the woman to the investigators, pushed her against the wall and threw one slap then she joined her other accomplices who in the meantime continued to hit her boyfriend, now on the ground.

A few days later, a minor fell victim to the violence. For no reason whatsoever he was overwhelmed by a hail of kicks and punches. Someone threw a chair at him. The report diagnosed “blunt head trauma, nasal pyramid trauma, fracture of the orbital bone left, left eye injuries, various injury to the skull and face, swelling in the neck, cheekbones, jaws and injuries to the lips “. Even today – we read in the judicial documents – it is in a confidential prognosis. No one intervened in his defense: “The same – we read in the documents – walked to his home accompanied, on foot, by a girl. At present, the minor is still hospitalized with a reserved prognosis “.

For the investigating judge of Foggia Roberta di Maria, “The manner of conduct appears symptomatic of personalities with a strong criminal capacity”, but the fact that continuing episodes “characterized by brutal and violent assaults, have been put in place, in a limited period of time, by a group of young people, unscrupulous and moral values ​​”to the detriment” of defenseless young people, even minors, without any reasons or for reasons of racial hatred “. On the day in which the latest report of the Anti-Mafia Investigation Department confirms the suffocating presence of the Foggia Society on the socio-economic fabric of the capital, the state’s first response to a plague that in recent months had further worsened the lives of Foggia citizens. In a letter to the editorial staff of the online newspaper, a young man had denounced the terrible situation in which adolescents were forced to live in the places of nightlife.

“I feel a weight on my stomach and conscience that has oppressed me all night. Yesterday – he said – I spent the evening in Piazza Mercato, very central and crowded with young people of all social backgrounds and ages. I always spend a good part of mine there free time and I’m guilty addicted to degraded situation that reigns there, but yesterday I saw too much. In two hours I witnessed two situations that were nothing short of critical: in the first I saw hordes of kids running away to witness a brawl which, apparently, was being consumed in some neighboring street. Excited and smiling as if they were going to a concerto their favorite singer; in the second, which alas I witnessed much closer, a small herd of kids of maximum age 13 years he surrounded a boy, broke one of them glass bottle on the forehead and started pounding him with kicks aimed at the head while he was on the ground bloodied ”.

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