“Are the shows back?”. Ermal Meta asphalt Conte

“Are the shows back?”. Ermal Meta asphalt Conte
“Are the shows back?”. Ermal Meta asphalt Conte

The world of entertainment wants to return to normal and the artists, who become workers’ megaphone, are increasingly raising their voices against the measures that prevent them from organizing concerts with maximum capacity. Many, in light of another season of limitations, have preferred to postpone their concerts again and in most cases these are not mere whims. Organizing a live event has a cost, whether the audience is full, whether it is empty or semi-empty (or semi-full, it depends on subjective optimism). Therefore singers aim to optimize costs by trying to sell out but, when this becomes impossible by law, then one wonders if it is worthwhile. And, as is evident from the referrals, the answer is no. The latest in chronological order to thunder against politics is Ermal Meta, which it targets Giuseppe Conte and the events of his election campaign.

The former prime minister shared a video of a meeting in Cosenza with his supporters on his Twitter profile. A square objectively full of people for Giuseppe Conte, who was satisfied with the welcome from the stage from which he held his meeting. There are no chairs to mark the distance between people, as it would be desirable and as it happened in Piazza del Popolo for the meeting of Giorgia Meloni. A compulsory foresight for concerts to avoid crowds, as evidenced by the controversy surrounding Salmo’s surprise event in Olbia, held without controls.

So from tomorrow the capacities of the shows in general return to normal?“asks Ermal Meta, sharing the video of Giuseppe Conte’s meeting in Cosenza. A legitimate question from the singer, who has already postponed some concerts. And he is not the only one, because it is enough to scroll through the agenda of events to find out that numerous Ermal Meta colleagues have moved the tour dates to spring, in the hope that something will change in the coming months. Sphere Ebbasta, for example, it had 8 dates scheduled in September / October but they have all been recalendarized for next April. Then there are shows not yet canceled but in doubt such as Mahmood, which is sold out at Alcatraz in Milan in November, or Maneskin, which after the European tour would be ready to perform in Italy. The artists ask to return to the filling of the halls and to the normality of a concert, with those present who can sing and dance, exploiting the potential of the Green pass.


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