5 irresistible economic oddities you don’t know

5 irresistible economic oddities you don’t know
5 irresistible economic oddities you don’t know

You know smartphones and wearables Xiaomi? Well, you won’t find them in this article. I went in search of the oddities that are part of the huge ecosystem of products of the Chinese giant, made in collaboration with small brands (for this reason the multinational brand does not appear). They all are cheap devices, very useful and not very tech, and you can find them on Aliexpress.

Xiaomi: 5 oddities that you can only find on Aliexpress

The first gadget is a Cork, but not a normal one. It is a device that serves to keep the wine good for days, even after opening. Recreates the vacuum and prevents the air from ruining the drink. How much? Only € 3 with free shipping.

The second product, which you just don’t expect to find here, will allow you to keep your nose, ears and eyebrows tidy. This is ti a trimmer, a small razor, to effectively remove excess hair. Super precise and painless, it is made with the highest quality materials. Totally washable under running water and equipped with a powerful motor, you can take it home for € 6.90 with shipments of just € 0.31.

the slippers from Xiaomi, yes. They are also comfortable, fully washable and made of non-slip material. They cost just € 7.52 with shipments of € 1.79 and you can find them up to number 45 and in different colors: choose your favorite model.

Well, now that we’ve broken the ice with the slippers, I can show you to them. The boxers and that boxer! Made with breathable and comfortable materials, they are reinforced where it is needed, that’s it. It is a very high quality product, seamless underwear, designed to disappear under clothing. The single piece costs around € 5 and you can find it in different sizes on Aliexpress.

Finally, a very useful object, as well as aesthetically beautiful. It is a tester to check for any electrical leakage. Made by Xiaomi, together with the Duka brand, it is interesting to be exploited also for professional use. You take it home for € 9.65 with shipments of € 2.80.

Have you seen how many strangersXiaomi products exist? And this is just a taste of what you can find on Aliexpress and the beauty is that they are always very cheap devices, as well as very interesting.

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