“EUChooseSafeFood”: EFSA and Italy launch a campaign on safe food choices

“EUChooseSafeFood”: EFSA and Italy launch a campaign on safe food choices
“EUChooseSafeFood”: EFSA and Italy launch a campaign on safe food choices

Choosing and preparing food for yourself, a group of friends or family members is a responsibility. When preparing a tasty recipe it is good to check that the food is fresh, that it does not contain unwanted allergens, that it has been properly stored and that it is cooked correctly. EU scientists share this responsibility with consumers to ensure that whatever they choose to eat has previously been assessed as safe and controlled. Is exactly the EU, through EFSA, the European Food Safety Authority, together with Italy, launched “EUChooseSafeFood”, the new campaign “The European Union supports food security”, with the aim of encouraging European citizens, and especially those between the ages of 25 and 45, with particular attention to women and young parents, to make safe and informed food choices on a daily basis, highlighting the fundamental role played by science.
One of the focuses of the Efsa campaign is that of raise consumer awareness of a correct interpretation of food labels, both in terms of product conservation and from the point of view of food allergies, diseases with a high impact on the quality of life and significant costs for the National Health Service. It is therefore necessary to establish clinically significant reference doses for allergen residues in food. “This campaign is a new experience for an agency like Efsa, which has a scientific rather than a popular nature. For the first time we are addressing consumers directly with simple and direct communication, to spread awareness that food purchased and consumed in the family or in catering outlets is safe. Thanks to the close collaboration with our partner agencies and public authorities in the various Member States of the Union, we hope to reach as many citizens as possible with complete credible and detailed messages, which will assist them in their daily choices in terms of nutrition “, explains Alberto Spagnolli, Senior Policy Advisor Efsa. For Massimo Casciello, CEO of the Directorate General for Hygiene and Food Safety and Nutrition of the Ministry of Health, “European consumers are already among the most protected and informed in the world in terms of risks deriving from the food chain. The new campaign aims to further strengthen citizens’ trust by guaranteeing them the right to know the ways in which the foods consumed are produced, processed, packaged, labeled and sold ”. Own for the launch of the campaign, the data of the Cnsa-National Food Safety Committee, a technical-advisory body that operates within the Ministry, was presented, which claims that there is no scientific evidence that allows to affirm that the SARS-CoV virus 2 is transmitted by food, through raw or cooked foods.

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EUChooseSafeFood EFSA Italy launch campaign safe food choices

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