“Allegri is a Beaver who made it”

“Allegri is a Beaver who made it”
“Allegri is a Beaver who made it”

Tancredi Palmeri on TMW:

Allegri is a Castori who made it: lapidary words were read against the coach of Salernitana, guilty of playing a football that came out of the provinces at the end of the eighties, and objectively there is some truth, even if Salernitana disposes still of the worst squad in Serie A; and then instead you overturn the hourglass of values, take Juventus to the exact opposite with the most equipped squad in the league (because let’s remember: nobody, absolutely nobody has the double choice of a holder in 10 roles out of 11) and practically Allegri plays in the the exact same way. And for heaven’s sake there are many reasons why Juve are not performing at their best, they must find the square, and do not express themselves like the other greats; but there is no excuse why you play without rhyme or reason, do not have a shred of idea that it is one about what he wants by department, not even Allegri was an ordinary Pirlo in the first year of experience on any bench, and finally we must to hear the blame systematically dumped on the players – just like Pirlo did last year, who, however, had neither twenty years of experience behind him, nor above all had the time to work as Allegri did in the pre-season.
Pass the defense and counterattack performance against Napoli, as Juventus had to undergo an extraordinary situation of absences due to the South American qualifiers; but the bolt from minute 1 against Milan, with a lot of advantage in minute 4 and the persistence of zero game proposal, was one of the most tactical demonstrations seen in Serie A by such a strong team.
The league favorite was not seen to be so renounced since time immemorial, and not for strategic calculation but precisely for the ignorance of her coach. And yes that Milan had had one day less rest, they had had a much tougher away match against Liverpool, they still have a squad with fewer options, and were forced to play with the third choice both in attack and defense.
And on top of this, Allegri did not find anything better than to complain about who entered the field, forgetting that he had set up a senseless entrenchment, and then he also explained to us that Cuadrado and Chiesa as a team are unsustainable together. Now: the era of ‘has already passed, but how do you get Xavi, Iniesta, Messi, Pedro, Villa to play together, then whoever comes back’. Hearing these speeches gives the impression that the streaming of the conferences has stopped in 1987, especially since at Juventus Cuadrado and Chiesa are undoubtedly the only two who at this moment give rhythm, superiority and develop the maneuver looking forward.
But Chiesa then: literally Juve’s most decisive player, probably one of the best 5 in the entire Serie A, the one who changes the face of Juventus.
In the whole world, there is only one coach who would question Chiesa in this Juventus: unfortunately for Federico, it is the Juventus coach himself.
Yet, even in this way, Juve can still win the Scudetto: because Allegri is an extraordinary manager of men, one of the best in the world in this sense, even if from a tactical point of view he shows his limits now that he has to start from scratch. and not to hoard the previous work of Antonio Conte.
Juve can still win the Scudetto because Allegri knew how to manage their heads well, and especially because the Juventus squad remains the most complete.
But now you can show why he is worth € 9 million a year, more than double that of any other manager in Serie A (excluding Mourinho, noblesse oblige).

PS: no antipathy and no attack towards Allegri, nor towards Juventus, nor towards the Juventus fans. Max, if you’re reading this and you’ve come this far, it’s all for the use and consumption of the love of dialectics on football. Every idea I’ve represented I think so, but I wish you the best. And the Juventus fans who may be offended, believe me, are criticized if there is anything to criticize, but don’t take it badly. It’s just a game, maybe these were the important things in life

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