Vaccinations, including those booked we are only 72.9%

Vaccinations, including those booked we are only 72.9%
Vaccinations, including those booked we are only 72.9%

The Veneto Region has released the updated report on the progress of vaccinations and the news is good but not very good: we hear a lot about the almost reached goal of 80% of vaccinated people to guarantee “Herd cover”, but usually the national communication does not specify that we are almost 80% of the vaccinable population, i.e. all persons over 12 years of age, ma on the total population the vaccination campaign does not reach in Veneto – which is also a “virtuous” region – not even 73%. It’s still a lot, but a lot less than the 80% target of the total population, fixed when the Delta variant of the coronavirus, much more contagious and even more dangerous than now it constitutes 100% of the new cases of contagion in our region. Some experts argue that the 80% target is no longer enough anyway, because to stop the spread of the Delta with “herd cover”, 95% of the total population, so much, much more than where we are now. What is the risk? That the virus, “running” still quite free, end for reach a good part of that 30% of people who have not yet been vaccinated or booked bringing, especially among them, illness, hospitalization and even deaths.

But let’s see the numbers in detail. In our region 3 million and 509,909 citizens received at least one dose of the vaccine, equal to 72.3% of the total population. Others are not vaccinated but will soon be because they have booked: the sum of those already vaccinated and booked is 3 million and 537,145 people, that is 72.9% of the total population. Enough. Not even 73%, as we said. We are very far from the (exceeded) useful goal of 80% and very far if we were to aim for 95% vaccinated people out of the total number of residents.

Immunization of 80% of vaccinables, on the other hand, the threshold is almost reached: among already vaccinated and booked in Veneto, the “over 12” with vaccination coverage are 80.9% of the total, with 99.5% of the “over 80”, 92.3% of the 70-79 years old, 88, 1% of the 60-69, 81.6% of the 50-59 who are still very much at risk. The coverage of the other groups is lower: 40-49 years at 74.4%, 30-39 at 71.8%, 20-29 years at 77.0%, 12-19 years at 64.4%.

In the Belluno area, that of Ulss 1 Dolomiti, 272,429 doses were performed (out of a total population of less than two hundred thousand people), with about 250 vaccinations per day in this period.

Luigi Guglielmi

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