Mandatory green pass, suspension of workers removed from the decree

Mandatory green pass, suspension of workers removed from the decree
Mandatory green pass, suspension of workers removed from the decree
from Monica Guerzoni, Fiorenza Sarzanini

Those without a green pass (mandatory from 15 October for public and private employees) will not receive the salary, but there will be no other penalties. The decree was signed: all the rules and controls, also in view of the administrative elections

Before being delivered to the Quirinale for the signature of the head of state and to land in Official Gazette, the decree that imposes the green pass on 23 million workers been changed. In the rooms of the government it was decided to cancel an aspect that had caused much discussion: the Suspension of public and private employees without green certification.

Green pass and work: the rules

The unjustified absence remains, as well as the loss of the salary until the person caught without an immunity passport registers. But in the definitive text, the passage was skipped for which, starting from the fifth day of absence, the employment relationship suspended until the presentation of the certification. one of the novelties of a provision that will have a strong impact on the lives of Italians and that has already increased the bookings of vaccinations. The decree comes into force on October 15, but some important decisions have already been taken: the rules for voting safely at the administrative offices, the categories and timing of administration of the third dose and the methods of controlling the green pass imposed on workers


Third dose

The circular that Speranza will sign by Friday establishes that from October we start with the administration of the third doses in the RSA. We start with the elderly and also for health personnel we proceed by age group. Starting from November, we will move on to the other categories taking into account, as the minister says, that to have the third dose, six months must have passed since the second.


In article 1 paragraph 5 of the decree, the government should write guidelines to clarify some aspects of the provision, starting with the procedures for verifying the green pass for public administration workers. Minister Renato Brunetta is working on it, who, together with the head of Health Roberto Speranza, is deciding how and with what tools the control will take place starting from 15 October. At the end of this month, when the text is ready, it will have to be signed by Prime Minister Draghi. Minister Brunetta spoke of technicality, but these are rules that will become fundamental for the functioning of the offices and for the verification of possession of the green certification by public and private employees and all those who work independently.

The elections

The Ministers of the Interior and of Health have developed the protocol for the administrative. In the first round – 3 and 4 October – no one will be obliged to have a green pass to vote: neither citizens, nor the chairman, nor the tellers. The rule will change in the ballot, because the second electoral round will be Sunday 18 and Monday 19 October, with the decree already in force. Citizens will always be exempt, while polling officers and scrutineers will have to present the pass. These are personnel who receive remuneration from the state and therefore in that position are treated as civil servants.

The platform

Public offices, like schools, will also be equipped with an IT platform developed by Sogei, the company controlled by the Ministry of Economy to verify certificates. The single administration will enter the workers’ tax code in the device and at the time of access the platform will cross the personal data with the health data: those who have the green pass will have the green badge and will be able to enter, those who are not in order will be identified by a signal red on the video. And he will not be able to enter


The entrances

The first check must be preventive, with the request for a green pass to all employees to verify possession. Upon entry, the worker will find a control system set up to implement the decree. Those who take Covid after getting the vaccine will have the green pass suspended and will not be able to enter the office. On the other hand, those who are not vaccinated, in order to cross the threshold must demonstrate that they have carried out a swab with a negative result.

I test

The molecular buffer is valid for 72 hours, the antigenic buffer is valid for 48 hours. To obtain the green pass, a molecular, antigenic or salivary test must be carried out. This third modality was authorized during the conversion into law of the decree of 23 July which introduced the obligation of a green pass for customers of indoor public places.


Checks can be carried out on a random basis, even after entering the premises.

Smart working

An open topic concerns PA workers. Many wonder if smart working employees can circumvent the green pass obligation and there are also those who consider not getting vaccinated with the hope of being left at home. All public employees must have the green certificate, because no one is 100% smart working. Therefore in the normal shifts it will be mandatory to have the green pass.

September 22, 2021 (change September 22, 2021 | 07:22)


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