In Milan, Italian business meets Russian business | Video

Milan, 22 Sept. (askanews) – In Milan, Italian business meets Russian business on the occasion of the shareholders’ meeting and the public conference of the Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce (CCIR). The General Assembly of Members of the Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce and the Public Conference “From exports to joint ventures: the importance of collaboration between companies and Italian regions and Russian “. According to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who spoke with a video message, “the coronavirus pandemic has led to a severe recession in the global economy, the breakdown of economic ties and production and supply chains and an increase in unemployment. The situation. it is aggravated by the active use by some Western states of illegitimate unilateral economic sanctions “, said Minister Vincenzo Trani, president of the Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce. “At this moment, starting again means taking courage first of all. Understanding that unfortunately there are difficulties in the excursus of an entrepreneur and a company, and clearly we need to find the strength to restart and restart the engines. Reactivate the engines and warm them up and then accelerate. Here we are right in this phase. In a phase of warming up of the engines and then accelerate “. There are many companies that during the crisis have lost the opportunity to move and work between Italy and Russia. “But there are some that have instead focused on this bilateral relationship and have instead invested in difficult times. Unfortunately, there are other small and medium-sized enterprises that have put their development on hold”, adds Trani. small and medium-sized enterprises it is very important to restart thanks also explains Trani to the state subsidies that have been disbursed during these months and to the loans of the main banks that today help the company in a further momentum. “We really need a momentum”, he says. Attilio Fontana, the president of the Lombardy region attended the conference: “I wanted to be present at this meeting because I believe that the topic that is being dealt with today is of great interest for our country , but also for our region for which I can speak more explicitly “. Manlio Di Stefano, Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, spoke for the Farnesina. “I would like to remind you that Russia is a priority country for our strategy of supporting the internationalization of companies, as established during the last meeting of the cabin of direction for international Italy “. And again round tables dedicated to the tools for internationalization available to companies, to the collaboration between the Italian and Russian Chambers of Commerce as well as to metallurgy and technological automation, the leading sector of commercial exchange. Business warms up the engines.


Milan Italian business meets Russian business Video

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