Fiorentina-Inter 1-3, the report cards: Gonzalez from top to flop. Dzeko vs Vlahovic: old cock makes good broth

Fiorentina-Inter 1-3, the report cards: Gonzalez from top to flop. Dzeko vs Vlahovic: old cock makes good broth
Fiorentina-Inter 1-3, the report cards: Gonzalez from top to flop. Dzeko vs Vlahovic: old cock makes good broth

(23 ‘Sottil; 52’ Darmian, 55 ‘Dzeko, 87’ Perisic)


Dragowski 6,5 – With Szczesny at the start of the season, better show off if your coach is in the stands. Fly up gutter, capitulates quite innocently on the Nerazzurri tide.

Benassi 6 – Surprisingly deployed right back, we adapt with the diligence that being out of role requires. When Perisic turns on, some difficulty is physiological. (From 65 ‘Odriozola 5 – The offensive phase of the team does not improve and things are much worse back there).

Milenkovic 6 – Bulwark in a revolutionized defense, it helps the maneuver and tries to withstand the opponent’s impact when it starts to get incessant.

Nastasic 5.5 – Back in A nine years after the last time, he puts it in the wrong door but Perisic’s offside grace him. Some wheezing and some smudging here and there.

Biraghi 5 – Ex of the evening, he seeks fortune from afar and also goes close. He risks a lot with his arm in the middle of the first half, in the second he sinks on Darmian and then Dumfries, but above all he leaves Dzeko too free to jump on the corner which is worth the race.

Bonaventure 5.5 – Very convincing at the start, slowly, like all the viola, he loses blows. In addition, his experience should be felt in the difficulties. (Dall’84 ‘Kokorin sv).

Torreira 6,5 – Great first half, also because he was among the best in the field because he dictated the possessed rhythm of the Viola. It drops dramatically as the minutes pass. (Dal 65′ Amrabat 5.5 – The step back from the Uruguayan is largely due to the decline of the team, but you can feel it).

Duncan 6 – His foot is hot, he tries to hurt in the boot. Like all Fiorentina, he suddenly gives up, almost at the best. (From 84 ‘Callejon sv).

Thin 6.5 – The goal is easy easy, but you have to be in the right position. He is facing the best Inter defender of the evening. (From 74 ‘Saponara 5.5 – Very well on other occasions, intangible tonight).

Vlahovic 5,5 – Haaland, perhaps, is not only faster. Beautiful movements, beautiful embroidery, a great phisique du role. On the report, however, there are others.

Gonzalez 5 – A factor in the first half, when Skriniar takes him neither on the ground nor in the sky. Auspicious the purple advantage, putting the Slovak on fire. Then he decides to go from 7 to 5: he leaves his parents in ten, unforgivable naivety.

Italiano 5,5 – It deserves a 7, full and round, for that half hour. However, if the car is not a Ferrari, pushing it at two hundred an hour on the accelerator sends it off the road. He has to teach his beautiful Fiorentina to manage, otherwise all that beauty risks not remaining in his hand.


Handanovic 7 – Immediately urged, he keeps his team in the race as long as he can. What you need: then they think about it.

Skriniar 5.5 – Gonlazez is speedy, but also tough: it escapes him every time he presses the accelerator.

The Free 6.5 – A couple of thrills at the start, swerves and finally puts the game back on track. The solidity of Inter is also in knowing how to remain standing on a bad evening.

Sticks 6.5 – The best of the three back there. Su Sottil has no big faults, because he follows Vlahovic, otherwise he holds a beat.

Darmian 6.5 – The man of providence strikes another blow. On that band it is difficult, when Barella calls him, however, he answers. And his goal gives a new address to the evening. (Dal 65′ Dumfries 6,5 – Enter well, plow the band, perhaps exaggerate as well).

Stretcher 7 – First time of struggle and very little government, floundering against those purple that go at double speed. Put Inter on the net. (From 70 ‘Vecino 6.5 – Nice impact. If he were recovered, it would be a great blow for Inzaghi).

Brozovic 6 – Grab enough for the hair in the final, with the filter that gives life to 3-1 and closes the game. For the rest, too often at the mercy of the opponents.

Calhanoglu 6 – “I’m happy but he can do better,” says Inzaghi. He tries on a free kick, takes the corner that Dzeko turns into a goal. He doesn’t make his coach happy anymore, but all in all that’s okay. (From 83 ‘Gagliardini 6.5 – He instead takes the vote with the assist. Not a little).

Perisic 7 – A few too many mistakes in disengagement, but the best actions of the first half start from his areas. And in the second half it even makes a void.

Dzeko 7 – A cathedral in the middle of the desert represented by Inter’s offensive production in the first thirty minutes. When his parents start playing, he makes himself available. And he scores again: the pumpkin that decides the match is his. Not letting Lukaku say goodbye is an arduous mission, he is succeeding. (From 70 ‘Sanchez 6 – More is expected, but it must also be expected).

Lautaro 6,5 – The best in difficulty, the worst in beauty. Among the few to escape, at least to try, in the darkest moments of the game; fails to score when the team meshes. It is the first time, it is easily forgiven. (From 83 ‘Dimarco sv).

Inzaghi 8 – What a show of strength, what a signal to the rest of the gang. Keeps the peace of mind and the bar straight when everyone would start to get alarmed, brings it home with impressive solidity. Given the premises, anything but obvious. Dose the changes, guess a couple: whoever wants the tricolor has to unstitch it from those shirts.

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