The Ford Bronco lands in Italy. Prices from 63 thousand euros

The Ford Bronco lands in Italy. Prices from 63 thousand euros
The Ford Bronco lands in Italy. Prices from 63 thousand euros

Announced in the summer of 2020, the return of the Ford Bronco 25 years after the last model, it has attracted the attention of US off-road enthusiasts. Defined as the anti-Jeep Wrangler, Ford is in great demand in the USA and has many admirers even in the Old Continent.

Now, the dealership Fioravanti Motors of Castelmassa (RO) imported the first “Italian” specimen and opened orders for our country.

Dimensions and fittings

“Boxy” lines and retro charm: this is how the Bronco has conquered public opinion, so much so that Ford (also thanks to the chip crisis) struggles to manage the continuous requests with inevitable delays in deliveries and rising prices in the American dealerships that have grab the first specimens.

The Bronco can be ordered with 2 or 4 door bodywork. The first is 4.41 meters long, while the second 4.84 meters. The height is 1.88 meters, while the width is 1.94m. 7 the fittings: Base, Big Bend, Black Diamond, Outer Banks, Badlands, Wildtrak e First Edition.

The Basic version can already be combined with the Sasquatch package which adds 35 ”Goodyear Territory tires, Bilstein shock absorbers, lockable front and rear differentials and 17” alloy wheels. This allows the Ford to overcome fords of up to 85 cm and to have an angle of attack of 37 °. There Wildtrak arrived in Italy, however, already includes the package series.

The roof and the doors are removable and can be stored in the bags supplied with the car. So you can travel in full “safari” style in contact with nature.

Technology, off-road solutions and engines

The interior of the Bronco has a modern style, but without excessive touches of luxury, as it is a car designed to cross any terrain. Sure, there are the two-tone leather seats, but instead of sophisticated moldings or alcantara details, we find more practical solutions such as rubber mats and floor plugs. The latter can be removed to let the water flow after cleaning the passenger compartment.

As a hard and pure off-road vehicle, Ford introduces several devices to improve off-road driving. Among these is the Trail Control (a sort of “cruise control” for off-road vehicles), the Trail Turn Assist (reduces the turning radius at low speeds) and the Trail 1-Pedal Drive which allows you to drive on rough terrain using only the accelerator. Finally, Ford features the detachable front stabilizer bar.

Two le engines: a 2.3 4-cylinder from 304 CV and 441 Nm of torque and a 2.7 V6 biturbo from 335 CV and 563 Nm. The former can be combined with the 7-speed manual gearbox, while the latter can be chosen with a 10-speed automatic gearbox. In the road test of our colleagues from Motor1 USA we tell you how the two models are doing.

How to import the Bronco to Italy

The Bronco can be configured directly on the official American website complete with Ford options and accessories and ordered from Fioravanti Motors. The starting price is 63 thousand euros.

Why does it cost more than the $ 28,500 (about 24,000 euros) of the US version? Like all imported vehicles, the fixed costs related to duties, transport and registration must be added to the original price of the car. Not to mention the 22% VAT which makes an important contribution to raising the starting price.

Another issue of the moment is related to the high demand for the model and the chip crisis, two factors that have contributed to the increase in the costs of American models. In some borderline cases, a Bronco can sell for up to $ 20,000 (€ 17,000) more than the recommended list price.

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