Sells micro works hidden in the Mona Lisa: fraudster arrested

Sells micro works hidden in the Mona Lisa: fraudster arrested
Sells micro works hidden in the Mona Lisa: fraudster arrested

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They showed up aboard ultra-luxury cars. They only met their customers in starred restaurants and hotels, very starred. To them they proposed super refined investments, even in form. They had very stylish brochures and a website complete with a counter for the value of the Sola works that they placed from time to time. Really refined – according to the Milan public prosecutor’s office – there was only the scam which they have created and which they have managed to serve up to several dozen investors.

I am about two hundred customers who believed in the new frontier of art and in yet another imaginative planet on which to do business. Several live in the province of Brescia. And one of the creators of the five-figure scam also lives in the province of Brescia. This is the 49-year-old Davide Cuccato, originally from Conselve (province of Padua) but at home in Desenzano. Like Francesco Colucci, a 46-year-old resident in Milan, the self-styled financial consultant has been under house arrest since yesterday on the orders of the Milan investigating judge Guido Salvini.

According to what the men of the Milanese Gdf have reconstructed, who have collected the complaint of one of the victims, the two have invented the presence of micro works of art hidden by Leonardo Da Vinci inside the Mona Lisa. And they made believe that they had turned them into unique alphanumeric codes that can be monetized through digital tokens destined to accumulate value over the years. There are those – and this is the case of the first complainant – behind the promise of a yield of up to 10% in a few years, has paid up to 125 thousand, to discover within a few months that they have us lost not only the interest, but the entire capital, collected and emigrated to foreign accounts, from Switzerland to the Channel Islands. In addition to fraud, the two are also accused of abusive financial intermediation.

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Sells micro works hidden Mona Lisa fraudster arrested

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