Street Food Festival in Garbatella

Street Food Festival in Garbatella
Street Food Festival in Garbatella

In the most characteristic and evocative location of Rome 4 days of celebration dedicated to good food and street fun. Gourmet dishes prepared in an express way for all tastes by a team of Street Chefs selected for the Garbatella stage.

From Thursday 23 to 26 September, 25 street food professionals between Piazza Sant’Eurosia and via delle Sette Chiese. A crazy menu, from which to taste unique and full of taste dishes for a sensory journey to remember. 25 Street Chef all at once they will create the largest restaurant in Rome. They will propose recipes in front of your eyes, transforming raw materials of the highest quality into truly exceptional dishes for a unique sensory experience.

Goumet Chianina burger; Frayed Scottona; Sheep and beef skewers; Potato twister with various toppings; Fried fish cuoppi, tuna and swordfish sandwiches. From Puglia, Cisternino bombette, puccia with roasted octopus and freshly baked focaccia from Bari. From Lazio the legendary tonnarello with cheese and pepper creamed in the form of pecorinoromano; A mountain of classic supplì, gricia, matriciana and many other flavors; His majesty the porchetta cannot be missing, but in a gourmet version. The true Italian grill meat and vegetables cooked on the lava stone. Do not miss the slow smoked BBQ with pork ribs, chicken wings, pulled pork and many other delicacies. From the Marche olives and Ascoli cremini. From Sicily, cannoli, arancine, bread and panelle, sfincione, pane ca meusa, pistachio cream and cassatine.

Winking at foreign kitchens you will find from Spain the real Valencian Paella cooked in the traditional pan and artisan sangria. From Mexico nachos, burritos, tacos and margaritas. From the USA the legendary hamburgers and a mountain of fried and potato chips fresh and fried at the moment with many sauces to match. From Vietnam the real Vietnamese street food with padthai, bùn xào, gyoza, gàchiên, gỏicuốn, tômchiên.

An exclusive of TTS Food, from the most old Bavarian craft brewery the signed beer Landshut brewery a raw and unfiltered beer, a true excellence. The novelty of this year is Bollicine, a stand that will offer excellent aperitifs based on prosecco, and tasty cocktails.

For lovers of sweet, homemade ice cream, hot bombs and donuts, espresso tiramisu, baked and stuffed pasta at the moment, Maritozzi with cream. Almond paste from Messina and many other sweet surprises. Sweet and salty from all over Italy. Not just street food, during these 4 days, the company of CIRCUS VILLAGE, with its street and circus artists will amaze you with many shows and performances. 150 seats, umbrellas, lights and music will create a relaxing and fun atmosphere in one of the most beautiful and historic districts of Rome. It will be 4 days of healthy fun, a festival dedicated to everyone, young and old and above all excellent street food.

We remind all participants to wear a mask, inside the event you will find hand sanitizing gel, qualified personnel, signs and information on regulations.

All tables and spaces will be constantly sanitized. The interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter must be respected, unless you are from the same family unit.

Per information: [email protected]

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