The “strong message” of Allegri and Juventus: sent on the bench

The “strong message” of Allegri and Juventus: sent on the bench
The “strong message” of Allegri and Juventus: sent on the bench

Massimiliano Allegri’s Juventus championship did not start in the best way: tomorrow, against Spezia, an opportunity for redemption


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He still holds the moment he is living there, and it could not be otherwise Juventus at this start of the season. Only two points won by the Juventus team in these first four league games, no win and tomorrow he will visit the Spice in Thiago Receive, with morale at a thousand after the victory against a direct competitor for salvation like the Venezia. The journalist Paolo also expressed himself on the subject De Paola, who also spoke of the ‘benches’ church, Kulusevski e de Ligt: “It is certainly one of the worst starts ever in Juventus history, but against the Milan I have seen enormous progress in terms of gameplay – his words to ‘Radio Punto Nuovo’ – Putting de Ligt, Church and Kulusevski on the bench, Merry he wanted to send a strong message to the three players“.

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“Napoli from the Scudetto! Antonio Conte as Fabio Capello “

De Paola he then also spoke of the leaders Naples, with full marks after the round 4-0 victory on the field ofUdinese obtained yesterday: “He has everything to fight for the championship victory. Spalletti it is proving to be a great healer of minds and society, it often resolves internal conflicts, as happened with Totti at the Roma e Icardi all’Inter. His only problem concerns relations with the upper echelons of society, this is what cost him the bench of theInter in 2019, even if Antonio Conte, who took his place, shot several times to zero against the Nerazzurri management. I find many similarities between Conte e Capello, they both think more about themselves than their clubs. I am impressed by the central axis consisting of three giants like Koulibaly, Anguissa e Osimhen. Spalletti he has more culture, not just football, than many of his excessively integralist colleagues “. A real investiture for Aurelio’s team De Laurentiis and his coach.


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