Mobility 3.0: project with navigation app to ‘dribble’ traffic

Mobility 3.0: project with navigation app to ‘dribble’ traffic
Mobility 3.0: project with navigation app to ‘dribble’ traffic

Thanks to the collaboration between the municipal administration and two important road navigation operators, Waze and TomTom, ‘Mobility 3.0’ is born, a project to improve the use of the city road network by Milanese and city users. The ‘Mobility 3.0’ project – Palazzo Marino knows – kicks off in January of this year, with the opening of a public notice by the municipal administration. The aim of the call is to find operators willing to encourage the use of navigation apps as a means of decongesting traffic.
Thanks to the adhesion of the two leaders in the sector, followed by millions of users around the world, the project will start in the next few days on an experimental basis until 2022.
In detail, the collaboration requires the Municipality to share with the two operators the data at its disposal useful for directing, in real time, private traffic on the best road routes: from construction sites in progress to road deviations (both planned and unforeseen ones) , from closures and restrictions due to the presence of major events to new pedestrianization (even temporary) etc.
The operators, for their part, undertake to decline their apps for Milan, or to acquire the data and use them so that users always know which roads are less busy, the fastest routes or those recommended for the type of vehicle. used.
The analysis of city traffic shows that very often the road network is used in an inefficient manner, with a prevalent concentration on some axes that leaves almost or completely unloading parallel roads or alternative routes: in the pre-Covid period, during peak hours in the morning, the level of congestion on some roads increased travel times by up to 60% compared to the normal travel time.
The objective of the project is therefore twofold. On the one hand, allowing those who use the car or any other means, private or shared, to move more effectively, reaching their destination as soon as possible with savings in time, costs and greater safety. On the other hand, improving the quality of life for the city, smoothing traffic on the roads most subject to traffic congestion, reducing polluting emissions and optimizing the movements of surface public transport, soft mobility and ‘weak’ users. (mianews)

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