Gallo: “Spalletti has chosen the leader of Napoli, not Insigne. ADL? He will remain a stain”

Massimiliano Gallo, journalist, at Radio Punto Nuovo analyzed the moment of Spalletti’s Napoli in the aftermath of the success in Udine.

Massimiliano Gallo, journalist, spoke to the microphones of Radio Punto Nuovo during the Punto Nuovo Sport Show to analyze the moment of Spalletti’s Napoli after the 4-0 victory in Udine. Here is what was stated: “The start of the season of Spalletti’s Napoli? It is certainly a bad blow for the many fans of Gattuso, who has always been exempt from criticism in his Neapolitan period. In this regard, I spoke of ‘obscurantism’, since Gattuso has always had the press in favor “.

“And this is unlike Spalletti, who was massacred since Totti’s retirement. President Aurelio De Laurentiis – Gallo added to Radio Punto Nuovo – he did wonderful things in Naples, but he will be left with the stain of having chosen Gattuso as the coach of the Azzurri. Spalletti’s greatest merit? Identifying Kalidou Koulibaly as the leader of the team, this took away responsibility from Insigne, who can be the icing, but not the cake ”.


Gallo Spalletti chosen leader Napoli Insigne ADL remain stain

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