Green pass, Mattarella signs the dl: the numbers, as the Lega voted

The government has placed its trust in the Chamber in the Law converting the Green pass bis: the point on the votes in Montecitorio


The branded executive Mario Draghi has placed the trust in the Camera to the Conversion Law of Green pass bis. This was reported to the Chamber by the Minister for relations with Parliament, Federico d’Incà. The Chamber thus confirmed the confidence in the Government on the decree law. The president of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, following the vote, he signed the Green pass dl.

I votes in favor they were 413, while those against it were 48 to which is added an abstention. The vote was open and by roll call. In fact, each deputy passed in front of the bench of the presidency declaring his intention to vote.

The deputies of the League 60% were present. The members of the Carroccio who were in Montecitorio all voted ‘Yes’: in total, therefore, 80 Leaguers of the 132 (52 absent) voted in favor. The only abstained was the former M5S minister Luciano Fioramonti.

The largest group present (86 voters out of 93) was that of Democratic party who at the beginning of the session declared that he would have voted with conviction in favor of the extension of the green certificate. “We will vote for trust because after securing health workers we must honor our debt to students,” said Elena Carnevali of the Democratic Party. “The rebirth of the country starts from the possibility of living the study in the presence. Whoever pretends not to get vaccinated puts everyone at risk ”, he stressed.

“We renew our confidence in the Draghi government, but remember the promise not to raise taxes in any way, to open construction sites and keep energy costs under control. Let’s talk about this, not about ius soli. We think it is right to pose problems in order to find shared and positive solutions for the country, ”said Rossana Boldi of the Lega in an explanation of the vote on trust in the Green pass bis dl.

Virgil News | 09-21-2021 19:45

Photo source: ANSA

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Green pass Mattarella signs numbers Lega voted

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