Cartabianca, the return of Mauro Corona: Berlinguer’s dig

Cartabianca, the return of Mauro Corona: Berlinguer’s dig
Cartabianca, the return of Mauro Corona: Berlinguer’s dig


The writer and columnist is back in the Rai Tre information program

Published on 21 September 2021

Mauro Corona is back to Cartabianca after the quarrel with Bianca Berlinguer and the consequent removal from Rai. An expulsion that lasted a year at the behest of the director of Rai Tre Franco Di Mare. The writer, climber and sculptor reappeared in the episode broadcast on Tuesday 21 September. For the occasion, the 71-year-old wore a tuxedo and again apologized to the host and journalist. Apologies that have come up several times over the last few months but never in the program that made Corona popular.

“The storm is over”, began Mauro Corona, who wanted to pay homage to Bianca Berlinguer with a bouquet of flowers taken in a field near home. Flowers from a distance since the artist decided not to show up in the Roman studio because “Too many permissions but even if I have everything in order I want to be free. I will return to Rome when there is no longer Covid “.

“Again I apologize to you Bianca and Rai because I made a mistake. I don’t do it for pandering but because I was really wrong “, admitted Mauro Corona, who later confided that he had heard a lot the lack of this relationship with Bianca Berlinguer who compared it to that between Raimondo Vianello and Sandra Mondaini.

There was no lack of little dig by Bianca Berlinguer: “Immediately he went to console somewhere else …”. The reference is to Corona’s choice to attend Barbara Palombelli’s Stasera Italia on Rete 4 but also to Daria Bignardi’s L’Assedio on Nove.

“I did not do it for treason but to give voice to the people’s thoughts”, he justified himself Mauro Corona. And in this regard he added: “I am here to give a voice to those who have none, always with education and courtesy”. Corona revealed what he has done in the last year away from Cartabianca: he has climbed mountains and written a new book.

Finally Mauro Corona expressed himself in favor of the Draghi government which sees better than the previous one, the one led by Giuseppe Conte:

“I choose today’s government. But I’ll pay attention, as the police say. Never as in this period has politics been botched and scoundrel. Draghi seems like a gentleman to me “

The Mauro Corona-Franco Di Mare clash

Last year Mauro Corona and Bianca Berlinguer had a heated discussion live on TV, in Cartabianca. In no uncertain terms the novelist called the presenter one “chicken”. The Rai presenter blocked the writer after the latter had mentioned the name of a hotel. Following the peremptory ban on advertising, Corona insulted the journalist.

The clash took place under the gaze of the actor Claudio Amendola, another guest of the broadcast who witnessed the whole scene in connection. A bad page on Italian TV which then prompted Corona to ask promptly sorry to the RAI journalist for his behavior from “Rude, boorish, uncouth”.

Mauro apologized in an interview with the press and also during the links to The Siege by Daria Bignardi and Stasera Italia by Barbara Palombelli. Apologies readily accepted by Bianca Berlinguer but not by Franco Di Mare, who called Corona’s behavior offensive towards all women.

Hence the decision to remove Mauro Corona from Cartabianca and Rai but a year later the situation changed and the climber returned next to his “Bianchina”.

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