Toyoda against EVs: “Millions of jobs at risk” – Electric

Toyoda against EVs: “Millions of jobs at risk” – Electric
Toyoda against EVs: “Millions of jobs at risk” – Electric

The complete transition to electric could cost money millions of jobs in Japan alone. Word of Akio Toyoda, the number one of the almost homonymous Japanese car manufacturer Toyota, who has raised the alarm in the event that the Japanese government should pursue its current ambitions in terms of climate neutrality. According to Toyoda, a radical shift to electric vehicles could paralyze the manufacturing industry Toyota, in a context in which Japan aims to become carbon neutral by 2050.

“Japan is an export dependent country – the words of Toyoda reported by Carscoops – Hence, climate neutrality also raises the issue of employment for Japan. Some politicians say we need to turn all cars into electric vehicles or that the manufacturing industry is outdated, but I don’t think that’s the case: to protect the jobs and lives of the Japanese, I think it is necessary to bring our future in line with our efforts made so far “. Currently, the Japanese country produces about 10 million vehicles per year, of which about 50% are exported. Estimates predict that Japan could produce 8 million vehicles a year with combustion engines, including hybrids and PHEVs, even in 2030, hence their legal elimination. it will paralyze the labor market according to Toyota’s number one.

This is not the first time Akio Toyoda has been exposed against electric vehicles: already in the past he had expressed all his confidence in hybrid vehicles even before battery-only ones, underlining how the transition should have been gradual. “If we want to achieve climate neutrality, the enemy is carbon dioxide, not internal combustion – concluded Toyoda – To reduce carbon dioxide emissions, it is necessary to have practical and sustainable initiatives that are in line with the different situations in the various countries and regions ”.

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Toyoda EVs Millions jobs risk Electric

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