in via Tortona for the Fashion Week

in via Tortona for the Fashion Week
in via Tortona for the Fashion Week

Via Margutta has become, for some years, the new center of fashion, creativity and scouting of the capital, thanks to “SPAZIO MARGUTTA” an innovative project, in which it is possible to experience a precise avant-garde and uniqueness style. An innovative concept whose driving force is the “Universe of Creatives”, in which the strong link with craftsmanship and haute couture, blends well with the promotion of Italian and foreign fashion and jewelery designers.

A strong background in the sector and heterogeneous direct experiences are the basis of the creators of the “Spazio Margutta” format Grazia Marino and Antonio Falanga, who from 20 to 26 September crown one of their most ambitious projects, promoting a series of of capsule collections signed by various high fashion brands, prêt-à-porter, jewelry and luxury fashion accessories.

Between fashion ateliers, creative laboratories, lofts and photographic studios, “Spazio Margutta” opens its showroom in Via Tortona 20, the new district of Italian and international fashion, which bases its success on the recovery of a targeted Milanese industrial archeology, launched at early 2000s.

Thanks to potential synergies linked to the fashion system that unite Rome to Milan, for the Spazio Margutta brands: Gaia Caramazza Jewels, JAJO madeinitaly, Roberta Baiardi, Flavia Lecci and Nelis & Glam, the opportunity to present their creations during Milano Fashion Week, will certainly represent a development path aimed at enhancing the entrepreneurial potential and relating commercially, towards a more demanding and competitive market.

A note of elegance and originality identifies the new version of the “Triplum”, the iconic ring of Gaia Caramazza, goldsmith artist owner of the “GAIA Italian Handmade Jewelery” brand. Tradition and innovation are the principles placed in the new “Triplum Evolution”, designed for the woman who loves to stand out by wearing unique objects, rich in identity and recognizability. Rings, earrings and necklaces made of silver and dipped in yellow and pink gold, with multicolored hydrothermal stones with a sinuous and sparkling look. From the claim “What surrounds us can make us go far or overwhelm us” comes to life and another new handmade creation is also previewed: “Wave”. Passion and stylistic evolution are enclosed in an exclusive necklace, made of bronze with the lost wax casting technique, with a pendant that houses a faceted hexagonal fluorite.

JAJO madeinitaly, was born in 2016 from an idea of ​​Rosario Migliaccio, fashion designer and researcher of new trends in the field of women’s / men’s ready-to-wear. In the lines and shapes of its Man & Woman “urban / mood”, it offers a stylistic synthesis that has among its founding principles: research and innovation, originality and the artisan enhancement of its handmade production. In the new “AQUA” Spring / Summer collection, outfits and fashion accessories take their cue from the most important element for life on earth “the water”. Raincoats and jackets made with transparent fabrics, sweatshirts in which the clarity of white predominates; long dresses with animal prints: the giraffe and the spotted as symbols of beauty, elegance, resourcefulness and protection from the dark. The bags, in colors: black, smoky gray, burgundy, purple and beige, with small tricks and according to multiple needs, make transformation their main leitmotive.

Roberta Baiardi creates tailor-made creations and customized accessories in hand-painted silk with decades of experience behind her. Thanks to his infinite passion for art and “Tachisme” a painting technique that is based on the use of grains of salt, placed on the freshly colored fabric so that it absorbs the color, thus creating particular and unique shaded effects , the “Mari Italiani” Beachwear line comes to life. Thirty creations divided into: swimwear made of lycra, in one-piece or bikini models, on which exclusive chromatic patterns come to life through a particular photographic print imprinted one by one on each individual outfit; the series of kaftans and trouser skirts, made of silk and linen, on which unique shades of white extend and blend into the blue, blue and turquoise green of our seas; and finally the same technique and shades for the fashion accessories for the beach, such as beach bags, sandals, headbands and scarves. A pictorial journey in high definition, projected to exalt the chromaticity perceptible in the seas that bathe our peninsula.

Twenty years of experience for Flavia Lecci, fashion maker and lecturer at various Fashion Academy, who takes inspiration from her Sicilian origins to design and produce exclusive Haute Couture creations. From memories, from the past, from pure craftsmanship that refers to handmade work, the inspiration for the latest collection dedicated to a modern and determined woman is born. Leather plates cross on macro fabrics created on a loom and pyramidal studs refer to the intersections of the silk threads of the past, giving life to buds and flowers protagonists of the most ancient Sicilian tradition. Through a targeted design of volumes and balances, the creations live on their own details capable of making every creation absolutely unforgettable, nothing is left to chance so that the “woman” Flavia Lecci can establish herself for elegance and femininity

NELIS & GLAM is a brand created in 2018 by the image coach Elisa Negro, an all-female reality that produces rigorously Made in Italy head accessories. The limited edition Spring / Summer 2022 collection of headbands and turbans, produced in historic artisan workshops, hand-sewn by the expert hands of a team of pattern makers and seamstresses, winks at Armocromia, or discipline which has as its focus the achievement of aesthetic harmony through the use of enhancing colors. The fast pace of the West and the fascinating mystery of the Middle East, is manifested in a collection that is declined in three different urban-chic models, so that every woman can find the ideal band to further embellish the structure of her face, combining it with the various outfits of the female wardrobe.

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