Because femicides have increased in Italy during the Covid-19 pandemic

Men who kill women. Alessandra Zorzin is just one of the latest. But the news of the last few weeks denounces an almost daily bulletin and shows an unstoppable increase in femicides as evidenced by the Istat and Interior Ministry data: 197 murders have been committed since the beginning of the year, 41% of which have women as victims.

Never as in this historical period is there so much talk of violence against women. It is talked about because never as nowadays women are victims of chilling harassment by men. It is a national emergency, almost a war crimes bulletin. AND Marco Turrin, 38, is the latest in a long list of those who have been held accountable. It has erased the face and existence of Alessandra Zorzin, Barely 21, with the searing violence of a 9-caliber pistol shot. A point-blank shot he fired to avenge the outrage of rejection, showing he didn’t have the emotional equipment to handle it. As if violence were the only way to gut the threat of loss.

When a woman takes a new path, she continues. And men, whether rejected or abandoned, want justice. Weak men who do not accept female autonomy and instead of understanding what is wrong with their lives they hold women responsible for their failures. The budget reported by the news in recent weeks is almost daily, dramatic and unacceptable. It outlines a society incapable of changing, an Italy that legislates by day by increasing penalties and by evening counts deaths. We usually die. Alessandra, and just before Vanessa Zappalà, killed by her ex-boyfriend in Acitrezza, are only the latest in chronological order.

Their “pink crosses” show another fact of our time that arouses no small concern: the increase in sanctions to stem femicide is not a solution. And it is not because the murderers, after having claimed the honor, take their own lives. And they do so by showing that they have no interest in the penalties provided or the legal consequences of their acts. They do not recognize the value of laws and their representatives, but only the desire to dominate and punish women, guilty of having made an autonomous choice. Speak about femicide maybe it screeches. But it is useful. Useful to describe that category of crimes committed against a woman as such.

To further aggravate the phenomenon has thought the pandemic, who wrote a new page of history. The statistics describe with the coldness of numbers how the virus containment policies have impacted exponentially on episodes of gender-based violence. In the first semester of 2020, according to the survey ofState dedicated to the murders published a few weeks ago, i femicides were equal to 45% of the murders, against the 35 % in the first months of 2019. The percentage then peaked at more than 50% during the lockdown in the months of March and April. However, an increase with a solution of continuity is also found in this 2021, albeit in a slight decline. The data disclosed last September 17 by the Interior Ministry show how, gods 197 murders committed since the beginning of the year, on 41 % have women for victims. Of these, the 62% were killed at the hands of a partner or former partner.

Femicide finds no justification. And a killer is a killer, always. However, the forced coexistence regime, together with the prospect of an uncertain future, have proved to be the detonators of already difficult situations. Endless tests of physical and psychological resistance that have ended up delivering women into the hands of their tormentor. Data in hand, in fact, most of the femicides are consumed within the home.

The Covid-19 emergency it made subjects more fragile, made them unable to manage their emotions and refractory to an existence with an uncertain future. Individuals deprived of the ability to control impulsiveness and to accept women’s independence.

There is often talk of exacerbating the penalties. But perhaps, to counter the phenomenon, something else is also needed. We need to eradicate the gender stereotype by promoting respect education. An education that must start from schools, first place to teach equality and rule compliance.

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