Border police whip migrants on the border with Mexico: United States in the storm

Border police whip migrants on the border with Mexico: United States in the storm
Border police whip migrants on the border with Mexico: United States in the storm

Whashington – United States in the storm for the treatment reserved by border police officers, the Border Patrol, to migrants – mostly Haitians – who seek asylum while passing through Mexico. The controversy is rampant and embarrasses the administration. In fact, a few hours after Joe Biden’s debut at the UN general assembly, the US media spreador images that appear to show US border police officers on horseback while they use the whip against migrants. Or rather, while they use the long reins to push away, whipping, men and women. There is no shortage of insults.

“I’ve seen some of the pictures, I don’t have the full context but I can’t imagine what context would make it appropriate, “White House spokesperson Jen Psaki said.” I don’t think anyone who has seen those images thinks it’s acceptable or appropriate, “he added. people, he continued, are “understandably” offended by the possibility of law enforcement using whips or similar objects against migrants gathered near Del Rio (Texas), many of them from Haiti. An embarrassing case of human rights for the Biden administration and for its minister Alejandro Mayorkas, the first Hispanic interior manager in the United States, also the son of (Cuban) refugees. As for Joe Biden’s decision to repatriate all migrants at the border, Psaki said “this is not the time to come”.

Meanwhile, in Mexico, on the border with the United States, a new humanitarian crisis is underway: oMore than 10 thousand people flocked to the border. Migrants can also be seen from the satellite.

The situation in Haiti

The Prime Minister of Haiti, Ariel Henry, in recent days he expressed his concern about the humanitarian conditions in the refugee camp. In a message on his Twitter profile, Henry said he was very concerned “about the extremely difficult conditions in which several thousand of our compatriots on the Mexican-American border live. While renewing our full solidarity with them, we want to ensure that they have already been taken. arrangements to offer them a better welcome on their return to the country and that they will not be abandoned “. The Biden government has in fact already started preparations for the deportation of 3,800 Haitian migrants in the coming days.

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