Genoa report cards – Sirigu is Superman, Criscito scores and assists, Kallon is brilliant

Genoa report cards – Sirigu is Superman, Criscito scores and assists, Kallon is brilliant
Genoa report cards – Sirigu is Superman, Criscito scores and assists, Kallon is brilliant

Final result: Bologna-Genoa 2-2

Sirigu 7.5 – Stops the role of the goalkeeper and plays those of Superman when time is up flies to save the score on the header from a few steps of Soriano. The parade on De Silvestri is also amazing, nothing can be done on Hickey’s racing car. He senses Arnautovic’s penalty but does not get there by a whisker.

Cambiaso 6 – A pleasant confirmation in the position of Mr. Ballardini, he does well even in a position that is not his, he who is a natural left-handed. Pushes and re-enters on preferred foot to cross (From 79 ‘Ghiglione sv)

Money 6 – Ballardini places him in the center of the defense in place of Vanheusden. Precise in the head-off inside the penalty area, he plays an orderly game (From 79 ‘Vanheusden 5 – Naive when Samson keeps in the penalty area causing the penalty of 2-1)

Maksimovic 6,5 – Arnautovic is certainly an uncomfortable customer but, just like last Saturday with Vlahovic, this evening too he limits his direct opponent considerably. Rejects Bonifazi’s conclusion but fails to get to Hickey in time.

Criscito 7 – Bar the way to Orsolini using his great experience, always on the spot when called into question. Skilled in recovering the ball from Orsolini and brushing a cross to the kiss for the head of Destro on the occasion of the 1-1, cold from the spot when he scores the 2-2.

Badelj 6 – Organize the rossoblu maneuver. In the non-possession phase, it carries out its task without flaws, however it is precious to break the opponent’s action.

Rovella 6 – How many kilometers the rossoblu midfielder grinds. He presses the ball carriers of Bologna up almost in their own area and closes the defensive spaces by helping teammates (From 46 ‘Behrami 6 – It performs its task without flaws going to close on the opponents).

Skull 6.5 – Very fast and unpredictable player when he has the ball and chain. He forms with Cambiaso a good right chain, he is also found in defense to close on the opponent. Too bad only for that shooting to the stars at the start but then he earns the penalty of 2-2.

Hernani 6 – Ballardini asks him to play closer to Destro and he listens to him. It does a good job in the non-possession phase and accompanies the action also in the construction phase (From 67 ‘Pandev 6 – He asserts his quality on the pitch by earning free kicks).

Fares 5,5 – A few too many inaccuracies in the ball possession phase. He shows up a lot on the left but can’t find the right twist to get to the cross (From 58 ‘Portanova 6 – He pushes into the reference lane, playing a good segment).

Right 6.5 – Very difficult first half for the rossoblu striker who, however, leaves his stamp at the first useful ball in the second half, overtaking Skorupski with his head for the most classic of the former’s goals. Close to the brace but Skorupski performs a real miracle.

Herds Davide Ballardini 6 – An important point that highlights the character skills of the team capable of recovering twice at Bologna. A thrill in the final but Sirigu saves the score.

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