here is the PC Integrity Checker tool

here is the PC Integrity Checker tool
here is the PC Integrity Checker tool

There are two weeks left until the debut of Windows 11, scheduled for October 5. Microsoft has therefore released the updated version of the PC Health Check tool (PC integrity check) which allows users to check if the computer meets the minimum hardware requirements. Tomorrow the new Surface with Windows 11 will be announced.

Check the requirements for Windows 11

In late August, Microsoft announced that the operating system can also be installed on computers with some processors 7th Generation Intel Core, but not on those with AMD Ryzen CPUs based on the Zen 1 architecture. On that occasion, the new version of PC Health Check for members of the Windows Insider Program. Now the tool is available to everyone at the following link.

The software allows you to check if a computer with Windows 10 meets the minimum hardware requirements and therefore if it will receive the upgrade to Windows 11 via Windows Update. Compared to the previous version, which showed generic messages, the reasons for any incompatibility are now more clearly indicated.

In the example screenshot, you see three unfulfilled requirements: processor, Secure Boot, and TPM 2.0. Next to the last two are exclamation marks because the features may be present, but not enabled in the BIOS / UEFI. By clicking on “View all results”You can also read the fulfilled requirements, including amount of RAM and disk space.

However, users will also be able to install Windows 11 on older PCs, using theISO image and the Media Creation Tool. In this case, however, support from Microsoft is not guaranteed and security patches may not be available.


Integrity Checker tool

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