“I have a sense of guilt”: this is how Corona returns to Rai

“I have a sense of guilt”: this is how Corona returns to Rai
“I have a sense of guilt”: this is how Corona returns to Rai

Where were we?“: that is how Mauro Corona he made his debut in his return to Cartabianca on Rai3’s Wednesday evening. Very elegant as he had never been seen before, the philosopher presented himself in connection with Bianca Berlinguer wearing a tuxedo-like to celebrate the occasion, almost a year after his departure from any Rai program. “We weren’t doing so well“, the presenter joked referring to what was said to the philosopher. The two immediately found an understanding, which both of them have missed over the last few months.

The storm is over. If I am allowed, because up to now I had not been given the opportunity, I wanted to offer mine apologies to her and the network. I say this because I have a sense of guilt, not to pimp myself“declared Mauro Corona, taking a step back on what happened last year with Bianca Berlinguer.”I would like to go back to Rome free, we look like escapes from prison“, Mauro Corona justified his absence from the studio, despite the invitation of Bianca Berlinguer. The presenter did not spare a joke to the philosopher, who last season had found a home with Paolo Del Debbio after the exile of Rai. “I needed a window to give a voice to those who do not have it, always with education and grace“, Mauro Corona defended himself.”That’s right, this time we have to walk the righteous life“, Berlinguer warned him.

Between the two, therefore, we got to talk about current affairs, picking up the thread of their conversations well known and loved by the public. When Berlinguer and Corona separated, the government was still there Giuseppe Conte, so a comment by the philosopher on the new government was inevitable: “I have many reservations, but when I remember Conte’s decrees I feel melancholy. I prefer Draghi but I will pay attention to him“. So Corona continued:”Never before in this period has politics been cialtronesca, Draghi is like the man on the hill, he is watching. But I’m worried that he’s the only one who decides a bit. But he seems like a gentleman to me, so we trust him“. And on the possibility that Mario Draghi go up to Colle, Mauro Corona made his own reflection: “At the Quirinale, on a soul level, I would still like Mattarella. He has a certain sweetness, he lets himself go to feelings. Draghi seems to be made of marble, there is no feeling. Some sentiment when he is President of the Republic you let it leak out“.


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