MotoGP test, Valentino Rossi changes program. ‘Dovi’ more aggressive

MotoGP test, Valentino Rossi changes program. ‘Dovi’ more aggressive
MotoGP test, Valentino Rossi changes program. ‘Dovi’ more aggressive

Valentino Rossi works on the setting of his M1 on the first day of MotoGP and will be on track again on Wednesday. Andrea Dovizioso’s feeling improves.

September 21, 2021 – 20:56

11th time in the first day of MotoGP tests in Misano for Valentino Rossi, one of the most prolific with 56 laps. And he will also take advantage of the official practice Wednesday to try to improve the feeling with the bike and the tires, to close this career finale in the best possible way. He originally had only one day of IRTA testing planned, due to lack of major updates. But the morning rain slowed the day-1 schedule and he will be back on track. “It was a good day, in the end I was pretty fast“, Summed up the Tavullia champion. “Compared to the weekend I was able to drive better, I was faster under braking and entering corners. The lap time is not that bad so it was a positive day“.

On the second day of MotoGP tests he will continue to work on the setting of the Yamaha M1 and will test a new Micheli tire. “Like today, we continue to try to improve the set-up. We have to test other little things, a tire for Michelin and do a few kilometers“.

The sensations of ‘Dovi’

Boxing mate Andrea Dovizioso scored 51 laps, the best time in the final in 1’32 ″ 6. He took advantage of the more rubberized track and the sensations improved. “I can be more aggressive, the bike feels better and above all it is very beautiful when you feel that there is room. Now I am very confident in the entry and in the middle of the corner, I have improved the braking and got used to the Michelin tires. It is one thing to adapt my style to Yamaha’s, but the tires are always important“.

There is still no agreement with the Michelin tires, a problem that has been dragging on since last MotoGP season. “Even with a completely different bike I have the same feelings. This is why I have to change my way of driving, the use of the rear brake, there is something that needs to change to exploit the potential of the tires. I still don’t feel comfortable at all – concluded Andrea Dovizioso -, but it’s nice to feel better day after day and not uncomfortable“.


MotoGP test Valentino Rossi program Dovi aggressive

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