“I wish I was …”. The phrase that embarrasses Conte

“I wish I was …”. The phrase that embarrasses Conte
“I wish I was …”. The phrase that embarrasses Conte

As a spokesperson for the CinqueStelle practically no one ranks, but as a piacione the sex symbol Giuseppi continues to claim victims in the ranks of his female audience.

The former prime minister tries to give himself an attitude and to talk about politics, committed as he is in election campaign in view of the next administrative. However, rather than the contents of the speeches referable to a team that has changed sides and opinions on more than one occasion, his real “final weapon” is represented by the sly smile, the same one with which he had sold the sudden lockdowns imposed to the Italians. to the population during the last year, obviously for those who wanted to listen to it in front of the TV.

“Giusè turn”, in fact, shouts one of the “Conte’s girls” as she tries to attract the attention of the former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, engaged in a rally in Corigliano-Rossano (town in the province of Cosenza). “How good are you”, continues Giuseppi’s groupie while, attached to the barrier, she sends him kisses with her hand. Embarrassment and general laughter, with some timid applause, which perhaps the new leader in pectore would have preferred to receive for the content of his electoral speech.

But the Giuseppi girl does not give up and increases the dose: “How I would like to be in your girlfriend’s place”. A real declaration of love, in short, even if not by Grillo, with which some friction remains. And down more laughter, even if someone starts putting their hands on their heads, obviously incredulous of what is happening in front of their eyes.

The video, taken in full by the pentastellated candidate Davide Tavernise, obviously made the rounds of the main social networks, but not all of them seem to grasp the goliardic side of the theater. More than someone, in fact, has let himself go to a little flattering:“We always let ourselves be recognized”.


phrase embarrasses Conte

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