Elections Rome 2021, how to apply for a new electoral card

Elections Rome 2021, how to apply for a new electoral card
Elections Rome 2021, how to apply for a new electoral card

Municipal elections Rome 2021

How to request a new electoral card in case of exhaustion, loss, deterioration and theft, in view of the next municipal elections in Rome, which will be held on Sunday 3 and Monday 4 October. To vote, you must bring an identity document and your electoral card with you to the polling stations.

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Municipal elections Rome 2021

To vote for the next ones municipal elections in Rome, in program Sunday 3 and Monday 4 October 2021, it is necessary to show up at the polling station with an electoral card and an identity document. An identity card or any other document issued by a public administration can be exhibited, provided that, however, it has an identification photograph. Professional association cards with photos are also valid.

Elections Rome, when to apply for the new electoral card

You must also bring the electoral card, which contains the personal details of the voter and the number of the polling station to which they belong with the address. It is a document valid for 18 consultations and therefore it may happen that the space runs out and that the card must be renewed. It can also be lost, stolen, and deteriorated, all of which make it necessary to request a new electoral card. In the event of a change of residence, the Municipality sends a label to the new address indicating the new electoral section to which it belongs. However, it may happen that this label is not delivered and also in this case it is necessary to proceed with the request for a new electoral card. This can only be given to its holder or to a delegate who has with him a written proxy on plain paper and a copy of the identity document of the delegator. The card is issued free of charge.

How to request the electoral card in case of theft, loss or change of residence

On the occasion of electoral events, as in this case, afternoon openings will be activated at the Delegated Services Department and at the municipalities concerned, even on days before holidays and holidays. Citizens can apply for an electoral card in all municipalities: “In consideration of the particular period, in which all possible measures must be implemented to guarantee the right to vote, the applicant citizen will be able to access the service without reservation, at any interested Municipality ( regardless of the specific domicile of territorial residence) or at the Delegated Services Department, both during ordinary and extraordinary hours “.

The Delegated Services Department – Central Electoral Office in Via Petroselli 50 will carry out extraordinary openings to guarantee the issue of the electoral card.


Elections Rome apply electoral card

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