“The protocol is missing.” The denunciation of the principals

“The protocol is missing.” The denunciation of the principals
“The protocol is missing.” The denunciation of the principals

No protocol official communicated by the ASL on quarantines. And it is chaos in the schools of the capital. After the return in the presence of the students at 100% (on 13 September), school leaders are already grappling with the knot of infections and fiduciary isolation. A little more than a week after the resumption, the number of students who tested positive at Covid is still low. Last Friday there were about 40 quarantined classes. What weighs, however, are the information in fits and starts and the lack of clarity on the procedure to follow: “The average today is that of a student infected at the institute” explains Cristina Costarelli vice president of Assopresidi. Which had already launched a first alarm last week. In fact they were the principals, with the first positives among the desks, to “discover” that the procedure for quarantines has passed, by competence, to general practitioners and no longer the ASL. In fact, the doctors of the health insurance are now in charge of carrying out the swabs for the boys and therefore the certificates of return at the end of isolation.

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The procedure

The institutes have organized themselves as they could. In other words, with word of mouth: “Not all healthcare companies have sent the updated protocols to the schools with respect to the new organization method” he explains Costarelli.
That’s not all: some ASLs have been asked to send the summary files of the return procedures at the end of the quarantine. A step that however involves the request for access to sensitive data and therefore references on the health of minors. But: “We are not authorized to ask for them for issues related to the privacy of minors and therefore also to communicate them” underlines the vice president of Assopresidi. A confusion also fueled by the local companies themselves. Because in some cases a management platform has been activated. A sort of electronic health register where you can enter communications on quarantines and positive students. Basically, an alternative to email. But it is not guaranteed by the health care centers the update: so also the lists of the platform they are not up to date. A situation that risks becoming more complicated as the days go by and in the event of an increase in positives in the classes as soon as they return to the classroom.

The letter

Meanwhile, the principals have sent a first letter to the Region Lazio and to the offices of the Superintendency of Rome. “We asked for a discussion table because it is necessary to have a common directive – concludes the vice president – starting with who, between ASL and school, should communicate the positivity of a student. It is one of the issues that we are most concerned about ». Since last year, the procedure has been in charge of schools at the Covid referent. Yet: «Reports, tracking and transfer of communications – he reiterates – cannot weigh on the administrative staff already in trouble. The question is urgent and must be resolved now that the contagion situation is still under control ».



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