Lighting contract not required, is the RAI fee still due?

There are many Italian citizens who find themselves “unsolicited” electricity supply contracts. In view of this, one of the most frequently asked questions concerns whether or not it is obligatory to pay the fee referring to the RAI fee charged on the user invoice.

In the introduction, we remind you that for contract not required means (source

the contract for the supply of electricity that the customer believes he has never entered into, or that he believes he has entered into as a result of an unfair commercial practice of the sales agent who contacted him by telephone or in a place other than the commercial offices of the salesperson.

The RAI fee is due for type D2 users

The RAI fee has now become a tax to be paid for the possession of the television at home. Since 2016 there is the presumption according to which the header of the residential household electricity user (type D2) also presumes possession of the TV and therefore triggers the obligation to pay the fee.

From the same year the legislator abandoned the postal current account bulletin as a method of payment of the tax, introducing, instead, thedirect debit on the bill of the electrical user.

Therefore, to date, the 90 euros per year of the RAI fee are charged on the invoice in bimonthly installments of 18 euros each.

No electricity contract required: here’s how to behave

Where the electricity supply concerns a contract “not required”(As defined in the introduction), RAI, on the institutional website dedicated to the license fee, makes it known that

the amounts charged on the related invoices, both by way of electricity and by way of TV fee, are not due.

However, if the taxpayer is still required to pay the TV fee and the tax is not charged to another electricity user, the payment must be made autonomously using the F24 form.

For payment with Model F24, the tax codes to be used are:

  • TVRI, in case of renewal of the RAI subscription
  • TVNA, in case of a new subscription.

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Lighting contract required RAI fee due

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