In Milan and Barcelona the murals by Raffaella Carrà and Gino Strada: the stop at …

In Milan and Barcelona the murals by Raffaella Carrà and Gino Strada: the stop at …
In Milan and Barcelona the murals by Raffaella Carrà and Gino Strada: the stop at …

by Marianna Grazi

The art to raise awareness and to remember who, for a lifetime, he fought in his own way to help people. On the streets, or rather on the walls, bridges, signs around our country and beyond, we see more and more often appearing the faces of these inspiring characters, made by talented artists whose nickname is often only known on social networks.

Last, in order of time, they were the murals dedicated to Gino Strada, the founder of Emergency, who passed away on August 13th, and to Raffaella Carrà, singer and show girl, who left us on July 5th.
It is these two extraordinary people again who have been portrayed, once again by the street artist TvBoy, in the past few days. On the bridge in via Ventimiglia, in the area of ​​Porta Genova a Milan, Strada appears holding a road sign in his hands with the words: “Stop war”. “If war is not thrown out of history by men, it will be war that will throw men out of history”, reads the post published by the artist to present the work. Which takes up, in its own way, the one that, the day after the doctor’s death, TvBoy had made the portrait of Strada’s face on a stop road sign with a spray of black paint and the words “war”.

To Barcelona instead, on Passeig de Gràcia, one colorful and smiling Raffaella greets the passage of tourists and citizens along one of the best known and most popular avenues of the Spanish city. “The smile is our strongest weapon. There is no better message than a smile to respond to ignorance and offenses. And Raffaella’s has immense power“, Writes the artist on Instagram, under the photo. Then he explains: “After the squalid writings that appeared on the work dedicated to Raffaella Carrà and installed in Barcelona, ​​here is the answer to homophobes and to those who have not yet understood the meaning of the word freedom. Of expression, of being what you want, of thought. This work is the answer to those who have tried to deface a positive and hopeful message“. Finally, a special dedication: “I dedicate it to all those who believe in these values ​​for which Raffaella has been a pioneer in every corner of the planet”.

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